10 Times Sports Social Media Made the World Hilariously Better

Nick Dimengo@@itsnickdimengoFeatured ColumnistFebruary 24, 2016

FILE - In this July 1, 2014, file photo, United States' goalkeeper Tim Howard saves a shot by Belgium during a World Cup round of 16 soccer match at the Arena Fonte Nova in Salvador, Brazil. Howard has won the 2014 Player of the Year award on Thursday, Dec. 4, 2014, for his work with the U.S. national team. It is the first time Howard has won the prestigious honor given to a U.S. team member by Futbol de Primera.  (AP Photo/Felipe Dana, File)
Felipe Dana/Associated Press

Forget your personal opinions on social media for a second, guys, because there's no denying that places like Twitter and Instagram make sports a hell of a lot more entertaining.

In the up-to-the-second world we live in—along with the creative genius of those who spend way too much time on the Internet—sports fans are given hilarious memes, videos and can engage in conversations about the sports we all love as they happen.

Since some are better than others, here are the 10 times sports social media made the world a much better place.

10. Lance Stephenson's 'Airy' Distraction Of LeBron James

There are certain levels athletes go to in order to get under an opposing player's skin, but Lance Stephenson bypassed all of those and went for the creepiest.

Matched up with LeBron James during a playoff series a couple years ago, Lance didn't just try running his mouth to get in James' head—he actually blew hot air into his ear. Like, literally, blowing on the face of the four-time league MVP.

It was one of the more amusing distraction examples—and the Internet just loved reacting to it, as displayed by SB Nation.

9. 'Sad Simba' Support

Anytime a star athlete goes down with an injury, the first reaction is concern and sympathy to make sure they are OK and it's not too serious. The second thing is, for some, the "sad Simba" treatment.

That's right, even with the pain and agony a player is experiencing, the Internet is so ruthless and clever that people put a Disney cartoon on top of the athlete to support them.

It's a little sophomoric and probably a bit mean when you think about it, but, man, it's almost too perfect a way to describe how fans feel when a big injury or something shocking happens.

8. Cam Newton Haters After Super Bowl 50 Fumble

It was bad enough to see the fallout from Cam Newton's loss in Super Bowl 50 with his Carolina Panthers following the way he handled things after the game, so the reactions from fans mocking the league MVP had to only rub salt to his wounds.

Most of the haters came in the form of some pretty good memes, with fans on social media putting together some solid options, shared by KDVR, in their attempts to poke fun at SuperCam.

Newton sure did have a lot of fun during the 2015 season, dabbing and smiling his way to a 15-1 regular-season record and a Super Bowl appearance, but it was the Internet that had the most fun once the Panthers quarterback lost.

7. Shawn Oakman Is A Large And Scary Dude

Who knows just how good he'll end up being once he reaches the NFL, but there's no denying that former Baylor Bears defensive end Shawn Oakman looks the part of a dominant player.

Listed at 6’9” and 275 pounds on 247Sports, Oakman is a terrifying presence no matter where he goes, but when spotted at midfield prior to the Cotton Bowl a couple of years ago with his jersey pulled up, people were amazed.

He looked like a freakin' cartoon character who was put on Earth to stop crime from happening.

6. When 'Dufnering' Became Awesome

Golfer Jason Dufner is one of the best and most popular players on the PGA Tour, but he took things to the next level when he won the 2013 PGA Championship and made himself a household name.

Yeah, that had to be the reason everyone liked him, not because everyone was trying to replicate him from a picture that captured the golfer looking like a child sitting in detention, otherwise known as "Dufnering."

People everywhere posted their own pictures of the pose, which swept the Internet and is, to this day, probably the one thing people remember the most about Jason Dufner—as good a player as he is.

5. Jim Harbaugh Memes

Michigan Wolverines head football coach Jim Harbaugh is one of the most intense people in sports, often arguing with refs from the sideline or seen losing his you know what when cameras catch his reactions.

And that, my friends, is what makes him so entertaining.

Even when he's not on the football field, Harbaugh is still doing what he can to use his motivational skills and high energy on people—as he proved at a recent WWE Monday Night Raw appearance.

Oh, and let's not forget about that one time he "Netflix and chilled" with a high school recruit, which the Internet was not going to let just seep through the cracks and go unnoticed.

He's wild, wacky and unscripted, which is why the Internet loves the guy.

4. Sad Eli Manning After Watching His Brother Win Super Bowl 50

It may have just happened during this year's Super Bowl, but there might not be a better thing to have been on the Internet in the past year or so than the Eli Manning sad face.

With older brother Peyton's Denver Broncos about to lock up a championship, cameras caught little Eli seemingly less than thrilled about the outcome, appearing to be the only person in the Manning suite not to be excited.

Maybe it was because Eli knew that, with this ring, Peyton now equaled the amount of titles he has won with the New York Giants (two)? Actually, via People, allow Eli to explain himself with this one.

I still think it's due to sibling rivalry, though.

3. Los Angeles Clippers' 'Family' Tweet with Blake Griffin and Equipment Manager He Punched

Just when you thought Blake Griffin's punching situation couldn't get any weirder, the Los Angeles Clippers brought some strange attention to it.

Tweeting out a photo of Griffin and the equipment manager he punched, Matias Testi, with the words "Family," per USA Today, the Internet did more than just LOL at that move, mocking the tweet in epic fashion with other awkward situations using the phrase.

It never ceases to amaze at how players and teams think they'll let something this simple get swept under the rug without millions of people seeing it, so the Clips probably could have seen this type of reaction coming.

2. 'Things Tim Howard Could Save'

During the 2014 World Cup, the United States men's national team found themselves competing against some of the world's best squads, and goalie Tim Howard is remembered for the epic performance he had in a round-of-16 match against Belgium.

Although the U.S. lost the game 2-1, Howard played like a superhero—and the Internet took notice.

Rather than simply tweet about how Howard continued to keep the Red, White and Blue in the match with ridiculous saves, social media users figured they'd have some fun with the goalie, putting him in funny situations to show just how amazing he was that day between the pipes.

To this day, it's still one of my favorite ideas the social media junkies have had, with some of the situations being flat-out hilarious.

1. The 'Crying Jordan' Meme

While I admit this is the most annoying thing in the history of the Internet—OK, I'm only joking—it has become a phenomenon that has spread like an unstoppable virus across social media, popping up in the best situations.

It has gotten so bad, and expected, that the Arizona Cardinals even tweeted the meme during their beating in the NFC title game against the Carolina Panthers, all but owning up to the fact it was bound to happen at some point.

Michael Jordan is widely considered to be the best basketball player in NBA history after winning six titles with the Chicago Bulls, but he might just be part of the best meme in Internet history thanks to his tearful Hall of Fame induction speech in 2009.


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