Seattle Seahawks-Chicago Bears: The Tough Part Continues

Sam WoodsCorrespondent ISeptember 26, 2009

SAN FRANCISCO - SEPTEMBER 20:  Seneca Wallace #15 quarterback for the Seattle Seahawks throws a pass during the 4th quarter during home opener as the San Francisco 49ers host the Seattle Seahawks at Candlestick Park September 20, 2009 in San Francisco, California. (Photo by David Paul Morris/Getty Images)

"It's extremely unlikely Matt will play," said Jim Mora.

Am I alone in asking, "is this really that bad?"

The Bears' defense is one of the most aggressive in the league. Seneca is way more mobile than Hasselbeck. If Seneca makes the correct reads about when to run and when to pass, he could easily tire out this Bears defense.

Expect to see Knapp use this. I expect to see a lot of creativeness in this game. I believe Seneca will have a day tomorrow, I really do.

Let me put this way. He has to, because even at Quest, the Bears are the better team.

My Keys to the Game

1. Our Front Seven vs. Their Front Seven

In other words, dominate the trenches. Matt Forte cannot have a big day. The Bears have to be one-dimensional for us to win. I'd like to see Cutler in a lot of 3rd-and-9s with thousands of Hawk fans on their feet.

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2. Olindo Mare's Leg

This goes for Jon Ryan as well. If the Bears consistently have to start at their 20 or even farther back, it'll be difficult to score with a loud Quest Field. Also, I can see a lot of our drives ending at the Chicago 20 or 30-yard lines. Mare has to be money splitting the uprights tomorrow.

3. Hit them first/ Dominate the play clock

Chicago will come in here still high off that victory against Pittsburgh. Whether we start on offense or defense, the Hawks need to deliver the first blow. After that, we need to use Seneca legs to dominate the play clock and not give Cutler the chance to make a last-second comeback.

Matchup to Watch: Jay Cutler vs. 12th Man

I don't believe Jay has ever played in Seattle. I'm very interested how someone like him can handle the noise and confusion that goes on here.

Another one to watch is Seneca vs. a depleted linebacking core. Brian Urlacher and Pisa Tonoisama are out, and defensive lineman Alex Brown is questionable. John Carlson is looking like he might have a big game.

Prediction: Seahawks 17, Bears 16