Browns' Defense (Literally) Tries to Show Offense How to Have More “Punch”

Midwest Sports FansAnalyst ISeptember 26, 2009

CLEVELAND - AUGUST 29:  Coye Francies #25 of the Cleveland Browns breaks up a pass to Paul Williams #11 of the Tennessee Titans at Cleveland Browns Stadium on August 29, 2009 in Cleveland, Ohio.  (Photo by Matt Sullivan/Getty Images)

If you have not heard, there is reason to believe that the Cleveland Browns might not be so “punchless” after all!

Of course, when the punches are coming from rookie defensive backs and directed at his own teammates, it’s probably not the kind of “punch” Eric Mangini and the embattled Browns are looking for.

Nonetheless, that’s what happened in the Browns’ locker room yesterday, as rookie DB Coye Francies did not take too kindly to a little rookie hazing.

Via the Plain-Dealer account of the fight between Coye Francies and his Browns teammates:

Browns rookie cornerback Coye Francies, the victim of a rookie prank, lost his temper in the locker room Friday, heaving a bucket of ice water at teammates and taking a swing at safety Abe Elam

Francies first threw half the bucket toward Brandon McDonald, splashing him and scattering ice over the floor. Then, he tossed some at safety Mike Adams. “Welcome to the Browns locker room,” receiver Braylon Edwards shouted. 

Shaun Rogers, David Bowens, and D’Qwell Jackson reportedly grabbed Francies and calmed him down. Eric Mangini was asked about the fight later and in his always-oh-so-serious manner discussed his thought process in coming to the conclusion that it was no big deal.

All Mangini needed to do was listen to Francies, who said afterwards that he was “just playing around.”  I’m sure it was a little more than “just playing around” but whatever. For a team that has shown absolutely zero punch on the field — especially offensively — it’s almost depressing to hear about Browns’ players wasting such energy on their own teammates.

Let’s see…what’s the bright side here?…come on, I can find something…

Hmm…well maybe this galvanizes the Browns, brings the team closer together, and leads them to a victory Sunday afternoon in Baltimore!

Yeah, yeah, I know.  I’m laughing too.

Have a great Saturday everyone.  Be back later.


* Coye Francies photo credit: Gregory Shamus/Getty Images via The OBR


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