Oh Graham Harrell: Where Art Thou When Needed?

Sam SnyderCorrespondent ISeptember 26, 2009

DALLAS - JANUARY 02:  Quarterback Graham Harrell #6 of the Texas Tech Red Raiders during play against the Mississippi Rebels during the AT&T Cotton Bowl on January 2, 2009 at the Cotton Bowl in Dallas, Texas.  (Photo by Ronald Martinez/Getty Images)

Does anyone remember Graham Harrell? The former quarterback for the Texas Tech Red Raiders, had an illustrious career as a three year starter for the Red Raiders. He won the Sammy Baugh Award in 2007, and an All-American in 2008 and won the Johny Unitas Golden Arm award that same year as well.

Where is he now? The Canadian Football League. Quarterbacks such as Matt Stafford, Mark Sanchez, Josh Freeman, Pat White, Drew Willy, Curtis Painter, Stephen Hodge, Mike Teel, Tom Brandstater, Nate Davis, Stephen McGee were all taken. Graham Harrell, went undrafted.

Now there are coaches in the NFL who are kicking themselves because they passed on Harrell, and if they aren't, they should be. Some teams have found themselves in a pickle, with no solid starting quarterback. While Graham Harrell dominates the CFL, these four NFL teams continue to lose.

Cleveland Browns

I know it's a little early, but Brady Quinn isn't getting the job done. Derek Anderson was proven to be a one-year-wonder, and I doubt he is going to get another shot. Quinn has only throw one touchdown and two interceptions. He has just over a 50 percent completion percentage and has a dismal 66.9 passer rating.

Imagine Harrell throwing the ball two Braylon Edwards. With the running game non-existent, they need to score through the air, and they obviously can't with Brady Quinn under center.

St Louis Rams

Marc Bulger is done, he may have not have seriously screwed up this year so far, but he will. Behind Bulger is Kyle Boller, the former incumbent starter for the Baltimore Ravens. The Rams are ranked 31st in passing yards per game, and total yards per game. Hell, if it weren't for Steven Jackson, this team might have gone 0-16 last year, and maybe this year.

The Rams right now have an extremely green and raw receiving corps. If they get some time they could be a good group. They need to do the same with Harrell, give him a few years while the O-line and receivers improv, and then let him off the leash.

Washington Redskins

I have faith in Jason Campbell, I believe he is a good quarterback that can become great. Unfortunately, the Redskins don't think the same. The Jason Campbell Job Security Meter: is reading CRITICAL. The Jim Zorn meter is even higher, and when Zorn gets canned, Campbell with likely join him

Who do they turn to after Campbell? Colt Brennan, Brennan was arguably the better quarterback in college, but in the NFL, Brennan hasn't lived up to expectations. He hasn't performed like the stud he was in college, in all the preseason games he's played he has been disappointing. Harrell may not have played in the NFL yet, but I'd bet that Harrell would be better suited to play than Brennan.

Oakland Raiders

Sorry Raider Nation, but your faith in JaMarcus Russell is misplaced. As of now, Russell and Jake Delhomme are in contention for worst starting quarterback in the league. I don't know where to begin, he showed up for training camp overweight, and has yet show that he even takes his job seriously.

He has a cannon for an arm, I'll give him that. Unfortunately, his accuracy is worse than a a blindfolded chimpanzee with a shotgun. He doesn't miss throws by just inches, he overthrows wide open receivers by yards. On the season so far he inexcusable 35 percent completion percentage and horrifying 46.6 passer rating.

If I were Al Davis or Tom Cable, I'd be scrambling to find a quarterback that can get the ball to his young receivers, who have shown a lot of potential. Once they can get an offense to complement their defense, they might start winning some more games.


Hopefully, Graham Harrell will be getting some phone calls soon, or this offseason. I was shocked to see him go undrafted in the 2009 Draft. If these teams were smart, they'd be the ones to be calling Harrell, I hate to see such talent go unnoticed.


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