Our Raider Nation Bucket List: What We Want Before We Checkout

Honor Warren Wells TheTorch@dbintayaelSenior Writer IISeptember 23, 2009

12 Aug 1995:  An enthusiastic fan of the Oakland Raiders holds up a sign showing his loyalty to Raiders owner Al Davis during the Raiders 27-22 victory over the St. Louis Rams at the Oakland Alameda County Coliseum in Oakland, California.  Mandatory Credi

There is nothing wrong with dreaming. So let's dream on....

In 2007, I saw a delightful movie about two men who desired to do a few things before they checked out of here. It made me think about the Oakland Raiders.

Here is our chance to add to our Raider Nation Bucket List. List what you want and, if you are willing, when you want it.

I will start the Bucket List, but you, Raider Nation, must add to it.

1. More touchdowns in our next game and in all future games.

2. More passes that hit the target and are completed.

3. Less penalties

4. Sellouts for all home games.

5. Rank and value of the Raider franchise increased.

6. More Oakland Raiders in the Pro Football Hall of Fame.

This may sound comical to you, but I have an example of seeing the vision and living the vision.

Several years ago, I wanted to travel around the world. I imagined myself doing so. Then, I met Prince Jubril Adelagun from Nigeria.

As a tribute to Prince Adelagun, I am sharing how he impacted my career. I, in a casual conversation, told him I wanted to see Africa. At the time, I did not know Juby was a man who had powerful connections in Africa. I did not know he was a journalist.

Juby loved soccer. It is a popular sport in Nigeria. He knew I liked sports and communications. Let's just say I made my bucket list with Prince Adelagun, and he helped me experience what I envisioned.

Just as I dream of the Oakland Raiders rising up in rank in the NFL, I also dreamed, in the past, of traveling the world.

To my surprise, my dream became my reality. I was invited and traveled in August 2000 to Africa with a Presidential entourage. It all became a reality because of an invitation by Prince Adelagun. The trip was partially funded by a grant provided by Pastor C. L. Jackson.

A portion of my Bucket List was attained because of the position and support of two great men who mentored me. Prince Adelagun passed away in November 2008, but he made an indelible impression on my career as an educator.

So, now as I look back over my experiences, I realize that first you must have a vision. Then, somehow and some way, the resources and provisions for that dream begin to come into existence. And, when you look back, you look with amazement, that you attained your dream.

Therefore, I expect no less for the Raider Nation and the Oakland Raiders.

Let's write out our Bucket List, and let's see our victories rise, and our gratitude proclaimed.

Maybe that's a big part in attaining what you really want in life:

Believe it, Achieve it, and Receive it! Go Raiders!ย 


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