Jacksonville Jaguars' Week 15 Stock Report

Evan Reier@@evanreierCorrespondent IDecember 16, 2015

Jacksonville Jaguars' Week 15 Stock Report

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    Stephen B. Morton/Associated Press

    The Jacksonville Jaguars (5-8) have not had a better win under head coach Gus Bradley than Sunday's 51-16 beatdown of the Indianapolis Colts. With that being said, it's understandable that the Jaguars have legitimate hype and a chance at the playoffs.

    With both the defense and offense coming through on Sunday, the Jaguars now have proven that they can put together a game, and their comeback after a rough first half shows that Jacksonville can handle some adversity.

    It was a major divisional win over an opponent that hadn't lost a divisional in 16 games, and taking down that kind of streak will only help the Jaguars' confidence heading into Week 15's battle against the Atlanta Falcons (6-7).

    Whether or not the Jaguars can perform in a similar manner for two weeks in a row is yet to be seen, but there's more hope than ever that they could pull out a win. A crazy season is heating up down the stretch, and the Jaguars will have their chance at the divisional title.

Blake Bortles Sees Stock Rise After Incredible Second Half

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    Stephen B. Morton/Associated Press

    Quarterback Blake Bortles had two turnovers in the first half on Sunday, and it seemed like it was going to be one of those days that Bortles would show his youth and rawness. Adding in missed throws and Bortles may have had one of the worst first halves of his career.

    But whatever happened in the first half apparently had no impact on Bortles in the second half. The Bortles who appeared after halftime looked closer to the one who threw five touchdowns just a week prior.

    Bortles found wide receivers Allen Hurns, Allen Robinson and tight end Julius Thomas for passing touchdowns and then also dove into the end zone late in the game to cap off the scoring at 51 and lay down the final slam on an emphatic win.

    The drastic improvement in performance was unexpected, but it was not necessarily surprising. Bortles is one of the league's most variant QBs, and that meant that any kind of showing was on the table in the second half.

    It's one of the major reasons the Jaguars can compete against most opponents. He may not always perform at the highest level, but having Bortles throwing the ball means that high-volume scoring is always a possibility.

Chris Clemons and Andre Branch Answer Criticism, Get a Stock Raise

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    Stephen B. Morton/Associated Press

    Defensive ends Chris Clemons and Andre Branch have produced very little over the past few weeks coming up to the Colts game, and as they continued to put out minimal numbers, unrest and criticism started to grow.

    It was one of the worst droughts the Jaguars have had from a group of players, especially ones who play for the sole reason of rushing the QB. But they both did well to stop the questions, at least for the moment, with a huge day.

    Clemons earned a sack, and Branch earned two, with one of them being a forced fumble he took 49 yards for a score. It ended the first half positively for the Jaguars, and it very well may have kicked the Jaguars into gear.

    Their streak of lackluster performances still remains visual in the minds of many, but Sunday's performance was certainly a step in the right direction. Should they continue their quality play this Sunday, they may end up being huge difference-makers.

Jason Myers Misses Another PAT, Stock Slightly Dips

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    John Raoux/Associated Press

    Kicker Jason Myers is cursed. By what or who or how is unknown, but the young kicker simply cannot make his extra-point attempts, arguably the confidence-booster chip shot that every NFL kicker is expected to make.

    He does fine from other distances, but he's now missed seven PATs on the season—an insane and pretty much inexcusable amount. He missed two against the Tennessee Titans a week prior, and it brings his miss total to four in the past three weeks.

    A single point is a massive difference in the NFL, and having to throw up any kind of chance in those situations can be detrimental. However, the Jaguars are committed to Myers until the end of the season it seems.

    Sunday's latest miss obviously didn't matter in the grand scheme, but it put the Jaguars down four points instead of three going into the half, and the difference between tying with a field goal and having to score a touchdown is a huge gap.

    It's certainly a mental thing for Myers, but it's getting to the point of incredulity. Myers has the talent to be a kicker in the NFL, but whatever issues he has in his head, they're holding him back from that future.

Allen Robinson Gets in the Endzone to Keep Stock Steady

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    Stephen B. Morton/Associated Press

    WR Allen Robinson has had a great season thus far, but Sunday was a relatively quiet game for the sophomore wideout. He only had one catch for four yards, but that was to put the Jaguars up two scores and was a big moment. 

    Robinson was shut down by considerable pressure by Colts corner Vontae Davis, and the Colts typically threw over a safety close to his position to try and ensure a limited day, and they succeeded.

    However, in one of the best moves Robinson has made all season, he was able to deliver an incredible fake in the end zone and get his hands on a well-thrown Bortles bullet. It was his only moment of importance, but it was a valuable one.

    Robinson now has 12 TDs on the season, which is tied for the most in the NFL. Robinson's season has been nearly impeccable, and while Sunday won't be his most impressive moment, it will certainly add to it.

Greg Olson Calls a Nearly Perfect Game, Sees a High Stock Rise

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    Phelan M. Ebenhack/Associated Press

    Offensive coordinator Greg Olson has a relatively good job throughout the season. The past two weeks have featured 76 offensively produced points—an incredible number considering struggles earlier this season and the lack of an actually explosive offense for years.

    Olson very easily got the rushing attack involved, and it didn't matter if it featured rookie running back T.J. Yeldon or RB Denard Robinson. The offense executed on almost every level, and they all pushed forward despite early struggles.

    And when Bortles improved his game in the second half, Olson was calling throws that cater to his play style and give him enough support with continued running through Robinson, even after Yeldon's injury.

    It was also great to see Olson not overcompensate for the early struggles with a flurry of passes, which is something he does trend toward. Sure, the Jaguars' trailing certainly plays a factor, but Bortles still only had 17 throws going into the second half.

    And as the offense started to click, he called even less throws for Bortles. He saw that the run was providing a consistent threat. Thus, he let Bortles make throws when needed and adjusted to support him.

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