10 Times Trolls Invaded the Field/Court in 2015

Laura Depta@lauradeptaFeatured ColumnistDecember 17, 2015

10 Times Trolls Invaded the Field/Court in 2015

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    Steven Senne/Associated Press

    Is it safe to say 2015 was the year of the troll? Even if not, it was a big year for these guys.

    While many sports trolls hide behind the relative safety and cloak the Internet provides, some are less reserved. Athletes, coaches and even mascots are starting to take part in trolling on the field of play with increasing regularity. 

    As the following 10 instances prove, sometimes you just can't escape the trolls, not even at the game. The ribs range from mildly funny to almost-broke-the-Internet status, though nothing can beat Tom Brady's "Rex Ryan" audible. That was simply masterful.

Honorable Mention: This Guy

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    OK, this New York Giants fan surely didn't make it onto the actual field of play during the Monday Night Football matchup against the Philadelphia Eagles. Still, he was in the building. Close enough.

Curry's Captain Handshake

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    Joe Murphy/Getty Images

    What is with the captain shenanigans in sports lately? (Looking at you, Rex Ryan.)

    You might recall a little NBA MVP debate involving Steph Curry of the Golden State Warriors and James Harden of the Houston Rockets to close the 2014-15 NBA season. Curry prevailed, and perhaps that's why the Rockets trolled him before Game 1 of the Western Conference Finals.

    Instead of sending Harden out for the captain's handshake, the Rockets sent rookie Nick Johnson. As far as troll moves go, this one was mediocre. Then again, Curry didn't seem thrilled about it, so, mission accomplished.

J.J. Watt's BB Gun Joke

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    Dave Einsel/Associated Press

    Postgame interviews are a great way to show off troll skills—just ask J.J. Watt. After a Week 10 victory over the Cincinnati Bengals, the Houston Texans defensive end took a (harmless) shot at Bengals quarterback Andy Dalton.

    Watt told ESPN's Lisa Salters on the field after the game, "Our goal was to come out here and make the Red Rifle look like a Red Ryder BB Gun, and I think we did that," per Coley Harvey of ESPN. This was clearly a preplanned dig, right? 

    For the holiday-challenged, it was a reference to the delightful film A Christmas Story, although Dalton himself didn't appreciate it.

Bray Wyatt vs. the Undertaker

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    Paul Abell/Associated Press

    This one was a little creepy, but it was also a brilliant troll move, nonetheless. In February, wrestler Bray Wyatt trolled not an opponent, but the fans at WWE Fastlane.

    According to Mike Dyce of Fansided, fans had hoped to see The Undertaker, and great lengths were taken to make them believe he had, in fact, shown up. The Undertaker's music played as a coffin was carried to the ring, but much to the fans' disappointment, it was Wyatt who eventually emerged.

    It was a ruthless troll job, but an admirable one, nonetheless. 

Kyle Lafferty and the Reporter

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    Irish striker Kyle Lafferty just can't take interviews seriously, and it's awesome.

    Apparently in a good mood after qualifying for UEFA Euro 2016, Lafferty hilariously trolled Sky Sports reporter Paul Gilmour on two occasions.

    He gave him the old "what are those" bit, though that didn't technically happen on a pitch. His on-field trolling moment involved pouring what looked like a beer on the reporter's head. All in good fun.

LaQuan McGowan and the Ref

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    You probably know LaQuan McGowan as Baylor's 410-pound tight end. Don't be fooled by his size, though—the man can do more than block. McGowan also scored two touchdowns during the regular season.

    After one of them against Oklahoma, he pulled a subtle, yet brilliant troll move on the referee instead of handing the ball over. 

LeBron James Swats a 'Bug'

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    John Raoux/Associated Press

    Is smacking an imaginary bug the new brushing your shoulders off? If LeBron James thinks so, there's a good chance it's true.

    James pulled that deft move after losing Orlando Magic guard Elfrid Payton on a fast break (and scoring). Because, Payton is the bug. Get it?

    Check out the Vine.

Raptors and the Caution Tape

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    Ah, the troll becomes the trolled. Remember when several Cleveland Cavaliers, including LeBron James, accidentally got caught in the middle of a dance routine at a Toronto Raptors game?  

    The Raptors, obviously looking to avoid future mishaps, later had their mascot put caution tape around the dancers. The team posted the whole thing to Instagram with the caption, "@cavs take note."

Cam Newton's Moves

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    Carolina Panthers quarterback Cam Newton does a lot of trolling, namely with his touchdown dances.

    For instance, Tennessee Titans linebacker Avery Williamson didn't appreciate Newton's celebration after a Week 10 score. Neither did a mom from Tennessee, for that matter.

    Perhaps in a move meant to appease the more conservative crowd (or actually, definitely not), Newton switched things up. In Week 12, instead of the Dab, he performed an old-school favorite in the end zone: the Twist.

    Happy, ya squares?

Herman Kore's Header

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    Is it possible to troll the other team just by the manner in which a goal is scored? Concarneau striker Herman Kore proved that yes, yes it is.

    About to score on a breakaway goal, Kore had enough time to stop, get down on his hands and knees, and head the ball into the goal. Burn.

Tom Brady's 'Rex Ryan' Audible

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    Maddie Meyer/Getty Images

    Buffalo Bills head coach Rex Ryan is a magnet for troll stories. If he's not the troller himself—naming IK Enemkpali captain for the game against the New York Jets, for example—then he is the trollee.

    Ahead of a matchup with the New England Patriots, Ryan talked to the media about Pats QB Tom Brady. Per Luke Kerr-Dineen of For the Win, he said, "I'm waiting for the wheels to fall off."

    Perhaps in response to that (or perhaps not), Brady called a "Rex Ryan" audible early in the game. It was perfect troll mastery.


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