20 Best Fan-Made Videos in Sports This Year

Laura Depta@lauradeptaFeatured ColumnistDecember 4, 2015

20 Best Fan-Made Videos in Sports This Year

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    Sports fans are some of the best amateur (or sometimes, professional) filmmakers out there.

    Teams and leagues regularly release truly epic hype videos, but today, we salute videos made by fans. Sometimes, they are the most entertaining and creative ones to watch.

    Countless fan-made masterpieces surfaced in 2015, and the following are 20 of the best. They are all expertly produced and entertaining. Some will evoke emotions or create hype, and others will inspire laughter.

    Enjoy, and kudos, sports fans.

'Duke Championship Game Hype'

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    Duke basketball won another title in 2015. And though this team doesn't seem to need more hype, props must be given to one pre-title video created by Preston Louis.

    The soft-to-hard trajectory of the video helps achieve an intensity that might almost make people want to root for Duke (almost).

Philadelphia Union 'A Tribute to Those We've Lost'

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    Philadelphia is having a rough sports year. The Eagles, Phillies, the horrific 76ers—all add up to sports gloom in Philly. Even the MLS team, the Union, finished near the bottom of its conference. 

    At least one Union fan, though, has a sense of humor about it. Jason Puckett created this awards show-inspired video dedicated to all of the team's 17 goalkeepers. Behold, the creative and hilarious "A Tribute to Those We've Lost."

    [h/t Nate Scott of For the Win]

League of Legends 'Prepare for War'

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    Sure, eSports don't get as much mainstream love as powerhouses like football and basketball, but that doesn't mean the fan-video game is any less on-point.

    YouTuber Awhstayn posted this hype video leading up to the League of Legends World Championships. The dramatic, well-executed production might even help some doubters start to understand the hype behind eSports.

'Every Blue Jays Home Run'

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    Toronto Blue Jays fan Tim G created a supercut of every Jays home run through August 26. The concept and execution are awesome. 

    Sure, it gets a little monotonous after a while (Toronto led the league in home runs), but that in and of itself should hype up Jays fans. Also, the fact that Tim G created this to perfectly coincide with Johnny Cash's "God's Gonna Cut You Down" is alone worthy of praise.  

'Ohio State Buckeyes Road to National Championship'

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    Ohio State football had an epic championship run in 2014-15. One fan, Zach Vessels, commemorated the season with a dramatic and exciting compilation of highlights.  

    Highlight reels can get a little boring, but not when a team as electrifying as OSU is featured. Vessels did a great job with the editing on this one, too. 

Conor McGregor 'The Foggy Dew'

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    YouTuber Ed The Nose used the Irish ballad "The Foggy Dew" as the background music for his video featuring Irish UFC fighter Conor McGregor.

    The juxtaposition of UFC highlights against such a mournful song is a little odd (and intense), but it definitely works here.

TCU Football 'Vengeance'

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    College football fans really know what they're doing when it comes to hype videos. Check out this gem from TCU fan Hamza Ashfaq.

    The vengeance theme was a perfect choice to drum up anticipation for the team's November matchup against Baylor. The voiceover from Benedict Cumberbatch as Star Trek Into Darkness villain Khan was also a nice touch. 

U.S. Women's Soccer 'The Rematch'

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    Japan defeated the U.S. in the 2011 Women's World Cup Final. Tyler Wirfs reminded viewers of that much in his awesome 2015 World Cup hype video, "The Rematch."

    He also reminded fans why the result would be different in 2015. The U.S. highlights and powerful voice of a motivational speaker combined to make the video vibrant and inspiring. And, of course, the rematch went America's way.

Rangers 'Best of You'

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    According to James Catarcio's YouTube bio, he is "a diehard fan that edits and creates New York Rangers montages." 

    And he crushes them. Check out this 2015-16 hype video for the Rangers, set to "Best of You" by the Foo Fighters. Good luck not getting totally jacked up about hockey watching this one. 

    Honorable mention to Catarcio's New York Mets video, "Right Now." Also boss. 

Florida 'Puntman' Remix

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    This is hilarious. Ezekiel Elliott's rapper-made hype video was good, but this rap is about a punter. Punters are so underrated, and they really should get more credit.

    Florida fan Brandan McCalla agrees. He remixed "Jumpman" by Drake and Future and made this video to honor Gator punter Johnny Townsend, aka "Puntman." Even Townsend himself dug it.

Kevin Garnett 'Coming Home'

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    In February, NBA great Kevin Garnett was traded back to the team that drafted him, the Minnesota Timberwolves. To commemorate the occasion, Ishaan Mishra created this tribute video, set to Skylar Grey's "I'm Coming Home." 

    Grey's song isn't necessarily an original choice for fan-made sports videos, but it was the obvious one here.

'Joe Talks to His Kids About an Undefeated Iowa'

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    These fan-made "Talk to Your Kids" videos were pretty hilarious in sports this year, and it all started with Iowa. 

    Per SB Nation, The Solid Verbal dedicated an entire website to talking to children about an undefeated Iowa team. Alabama fan Joe Borden took them up on it and created this hilarious video of him, actually talking to his kids about undefeated Iowa. 

    The sarcastic (but maybe not) PSA-like quality of this video is what really makes it funny. His adorable kids help out, too. Well done to all.

'Talk to Your Kids About the SEC Myth'

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    Who would Iowa fans be if they didn't have a rebuttal, right? Kudos to Iowa fan Scott Siepker and Iowa filmmakers for putting out this "Talk to Your Kids" video about the "overrated" SEC.

    The actual bowl of sour grapes (1:06 mark) is perfection.

'NBA on NBC Intro: Curry vs. LeBron'

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    The 2015 NBA Finals provided the epic matchup everyone wanted between the Golden State Warriors and Cleveland Cavaliers. So, of course a fan made a boss hype video leading up to the series. 

    EYTCHESONFILM posted a reboot of an old NBA on NBC promo that aired in 2001. Instead of the Philadelphia 76ers and Los Angeles Lakers starring as David and Goliath, this time it was the Cavs and Dubs. The hype was real.

    [h/t Micah Peters of For the Win]

Tottenham 'Song for Whoever (Spurs Tried to Sign)'

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    Some fan-made videos are emotional, while others are just funny. The latter was the case with "Song For Whoever (Spurs Tried To Sign)," a hysterical fan-made video mocking the perceived cheapness of Tottenham Hotspur chairman Daniel Levy. 

    The video was posted on YouTube by SpurredOn, the self-described "unofficial Tottenham Hotspur fan channel." The fans put together a compilation, a love song really, to all the players the Spurs have not signed, allegedly thanks to Levy's frugality. 

    One of the best lines: "I loved you from the bottom of Levy's briefcase." Classic.

'Chicago Cubs 2015 Wild Card Hype Video'

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    This fan-made Chicago Cubs hype video has to be included because it's the Cubs with an awesome team. The video itself is also pretty fantastic.

    Like the also great Mets "Right Now" video, this filmmaker (in this case, Trevor Vallese), juxtaposed the Cubs history of losing with its newfound winning ways. There's no way Cubs fans weren't totally amped for the Wild Card Game after watching this.

'Iowa Midseason Video Sketched'

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    Iowa football has had a great season, and fans are jazzed about it. One fan, Jimmy Feeney, created this absurdly creative sketch video to commemorate the first half of the season. Per Fox Sports, he used an existing hype video released by the Hawkeyes.


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    Remember when Damian Lillard hit that epic buzzer-beater to lift the Portland Trail Blazers over the Houston Rockets in the 2014 NBA playoffs? 

    Portland-area filmmakers Noah Porter and Scott Uyeda do. According to Dave Deckard of SB Nation, the two used that moment as inspiration for a truly superb Blazers hype video.

    Per Deckhard, Porter said, "The idea for this video was born last year between Game 6 of the Houston series and Game 1 of the San Antonio series. It was an amazing time to love the Blazers, and fans everywhere were achieving new personal heights in an enlightened state of 'Dame-did-it' inspiration."

    The video, released in May, is truly special.

'Did the Royals Win?'

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    Did the Kansas City Royals win? Scott Jones answered that question in a delightful YouTube video, for every 2015 regular-season game.

    The incredible supercut takes you into Jones' life as he provides 95 yeses and 67 nos, all in different and creative ways. The music and graphics give this a cheerful quality, kind of like the Royals themselves. Bravo, sir.

'This Is Formula 1'

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    Here it is. "This is Formula 1" is the best fan-made video of the year. The YouTube caption helps explain WoodsyF1's motivation for making the video: "...just trying to show [sic] why I love Formula 1." 

    Mission accomplished. This video combines historical footage with contemporary highlights. It uses broadcast voiceovers and beautiful music. (Hans Zimmer? Nicely done.) It displays the emotion of crashing and the euphoria of winning.

    This video just might make even the biggest doubters want to rush out and become fans of auto racing.