A Recipe for an Athlete's Demise: Women, Cars, Drugs, and Guns

S. Wentworth DuncansonContributor IISeptember 22, 2009

To be successful in this world, most of us are taught to think "within the box". We follow guidelines that are universal so we really don't look like fools. We follow rules so we don't get in trouble and draw attention to ourselves. Unfortunately, in this day and age, not everyone follow the rules.

The rich and famous seem to have blatant disregard for the rules and laws. Athletes are a double threat since most of the time they are physically imposing and intimidating. In the old days, players would booze it up, and come to play hung over. The eighties was the cocaine era. And promiscuity just came with the territory. Sort of being like a rock star.

It never was an issue, since the only things that were being abused or hurt were their bodies. The late 90s bought about the destructive athlete. The athlete who not only had their own set of rules, but hurt people around them, some even innocent bystanders

The latest trends are of course drunken driving and guns. As the years go by drunken driving laws get stiffer and stiffer. It sucks because some people could have a few drinks, and not be drunk.

Too many people are fine to drive that get caught in the middle. But then there are those few that kill, and justifies everything. How could a person get so drunk they drive on the wrong side of a highway.

I mention that since a majority of people who drive while drinking, do so because they have no way to get to their destination but drive. All they're saying by getting behind the wheel is that they could pay their way out of any depth of trouble.

These guys are rich and young. They're supposed to party hard. But with all the DWI charges being handed out, one would think they wouldn't want to be in that position of getting caught, being that they're public figures.

Athletes who carried unregistered and illegal guns really confuse me. Because what if they have to use them. Its going to be murder, attempted murder, or assault with a deadly weapon. Hiring a bodyguard isn't good enough.

The favorite line of these pampared millionaires is "Do you know who I am"? The arrogance, ignorance and sense of entitlement stems from handing poor young athletes millions of dollars. The recent behavior of athletes with the fame, fortune and opportunities makes you wonder if some of these athletes are more dangerous than criminals.

Here are a few that have really put a wrinkle in things:

Jayson Williams: An example of how money could push you into being reckless and careless. How money could make you not fear consequences. Until you have to face them. Hard partying, and playing with a gun while intoxicated. In the end it cost a man his life. All for a guy showing off, probably thinking he was cool and funny. Wrong.

Donte Stallworth
: Kills a guy while driving drunk. Granted the victim was crossing in a place he wasn't supposed to be, but he was still driving drunk. Period.

Steve McNair
: Unfortunately a majority of married pro athletes have their mistresses on the side. But when you're picking up 20 year old waitresses, along with the others he had on the side, you have to be careful. Emotions are involved, and hurting a persons feelings could push them to the edge seeking revenge.

His sense of entitlement, greed (1 mistress wasn't enough), and lack of consideration for others feelings bought him down. Being able to throw money around definitely silences the complaints, but only temporarily.

Pacman Jones
: I don't need to say too much about him. Ive heard stories about him punching girls. Spitting on them. He gets a second chance from Dallas and winds up fighting a guy that was hired to help him.

A guy is paralyzed from the fiasco he started in Vegas. I think he's by far the worst behaved pro athlete. This idiot is a grown ass man with millions of dollars, and is still getting in fist fights. Repeatedly. Grow up. He doesn't deserve to be a professional athlete.

Plaxico Burress
: This guy is funny because he's going to go to jail for shooting HIMSELF. He's got to feel like a jackass. He gets no sympathy for a few reasons. First, why is he carrying a gun to a club? Second, why was his gun unregistered when his wife is an attorney? Was he prepared to use it if he had to? Another case of a guy thinking his money could cushion his punishment.

Jim Leyritz
: The former Yankee hero has done nothing but disgrace himself the last few years. The guy drunkenly crashes into a mother on her way home from work, killing her. Another of the many many athletes caught drunk driving. Its not worth mentioning any more.

The three sports I watch have been enforcing a conduct code in recent years due to the high number of arrests. To respect the privilege of being a pro athlete. And not to use the fame and fortune as an excuse to evade and break the law. They never feel as if their freedom is in jeopardy. Money could buy a person out of anything. Put their careers in jeopardy and I'm sure they'll think twice.