Oakland Raiders and Kansas City Chiefs Rivalry and Connections

Ramone BrownSenior Writer ISeptember 20, 2009

This week the Raiders face another hated division rival in the Kansas City Chiefs. But aside from being division rivals there are a lot of other connections between the two teams. Here's a look at some connections the current Chiefs and Raiders share.

Chris Johnson: Not good enough for the Chiefs

The Chiefs were one of a handful of teams who gave up on Chris Johnson as he played there on the practice sqaud in 2006 only to be released he was signed by the Raiders shortly after. He's worked out pretty well for the Raiders though. No doubt Johnson wants to show the Chiefs they made a mistake in releasing him.

Richard Seymour and Matt Cassell

These guys know who each other are for sure. As they both played last year for the Patriots. Currently Cassel playing is said to be a game-time decision but if he does play look for the two to get reacquainted on the field, preferably after a big hit. I'm sure Chief GM Scott Pioli Knows a thing or two about Seymour also.

JaMarcus Russell to Dwayne Bowe

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If you are an LSU fan then you've definitely heard that before. In college at LSU Dwayne Bowe was JaMarcus Russell's favorite receiver. Some would even say Russell made Bowe or vice versa. Bowe recently shared his opinion on Russell in an interview and the two are likely to exchange words at the game, friendly or otherwise.

Actually the Chiefs last three first round draft picks all played with JaMarcus Russell: Dwayne Bowe, Glen Dorsey and Tyson Jackson. I'm sure the two big d-linemen are looking forward to a chance to get reacquainted with there former QB.

Thomas Howard a Chief?

Yes in 1987 and 1988 Thomas Howard was a Chief. Now his son by the same name is playing for the Raiders as one of the top defenders on the team. I wonder his dad feels about that.

Paul Hacket

Raiders QB coach Paul Hackett was the Chiefs offensive coordinator for five years from '93-'97.

Brothers of Football operation

Tom Caracciolo and Pete Caracciolo. The first is the football operation assistant for the Chiefs the second is the manager for the Raiders. I wonder how friendly there family get togethers are.

How many former Raider fans are on the Chiefs.

Safety Jarrod Page, QB Matt Guitterez, and tackle Ryan Callaghan are all former Bay Area natives. At least one is a Raider fan

Mentionable players who played and/or coached for both teams in the past

-Rich Gannon. Started for the Chiefs in the late '90s then was signed by the Raiders in '99. In 2001 he was voted NFL MVP.

-The Chiefs drafted DT Terdel Sands—enough said.

-Andre Rison. He had a long career with the Chiefs before being cut in 2000 shortly after he was signed by the Raiders. Then he disappeared.

-Marcus Allen. A Raider great who helped the Raiders in a Super-Bowl win. Marcus signed with the Chiefs late in his career and reportedly asked to be inducted into the Hall of Fame as a Chief due to a feud with Al Davis.

-Albert Lewis and Harvey Williams started there careers as Chiefs but eventually were traded to the Raiders

-Former Chiefs defensive coordinator and head coach was also the defensive coordinator for the Raiders.

-Napeleum Harris was drafted by the Raiders and eventually was phased out for Kirk Morrison. Harris would later be signed by the Chiefs.

-Tom Florez who led the Raiders to two Super-Bowls was also a backup QB on the 1969 Super-Bowl Chiefs

-Raider running back Bo Jackson played baseball for the Kansas City Royals.

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