Raider Trash Talk in Full Swing

Ramone BrownSenior Writer ISeptember 18, 2009

This week, trash talk by or towards the Raiders is rampant—and no, I'm not talking about the fans, though I gotta admit we are getting the job done.

In addition to fans talking big game, this week includes NFL players calling each other out, as well as the media taking their shots.

Here's a look at some trash talk the Raiders were recently involved in.

Javon Walker calls out the Chargers WRs

"I felt good last week, I felt I could play," Walker said. "I think that is just something where decisions are made and there are certain decisions you can't control."

"For me, myself, I have been practicing hard. It's nothing I have been doing in practice. I actually gave the defense a hell of a look compared to what the San Diego receivers gave them. I am looking at the game, looking at those receivers, and the defenders got a better look from me."

That's right, Vincent Jackson, Chris Chambers, and whoever else—Javon says you ain't sh*t. Him and his gimp knee gave the Raiders a better look than you did.

Dwayne Bowe Calls out Nnamdi Asomugha

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"We're going to go at him," Dwayne Bowe told Oakland reporters this week. "Every game, he doesn’t show you the same thing every week. You could practice what he did this week, but when we play him Sunday he could have a whole different scheme, that’s what I learned about him."

"You never know what you’re going to get going against him. But as long as you know your role, you’ll be okay."

Well, maybe the Chiefs saw something last week against the Chargers. Nnamdi seemed "mortal" in his coverage efforts, giving up a handful of receptions and a touchdown.

That is a bit of a shocker, considering Nnamdi only gave up 28 total receptions all last year. That's an average of fewer than two a game.

Sappapotamus opens his mouth again

No, it's not feeding time again. The overblown loudmouth decided to take another shot at his former team. But hey, this time the Raiders weren't alone—he took shots at a few other teams, too.

Here are some of Warren Sapp's comments after the Monday night game.

"Oakland plays worse when they have confidence,” Sapp said. “Oakland plays worse when they feel good about themselves."

"I tell you what. I look at the NFL and I look at one thing—it's unforgiving. As you look across the league, there's a certain amount of teams that this season is over before it ever begins. And we're talking about Detroit, St. Louis, Kansas City, Cleveland, Oakland."

"Those five right there, write 'em off. You're talking about blackouts? Be happy that you got a blackout. Maybe they'll beam a game that means something to you."

So according to Sapp, our season is over, huh? Tell that to the Chargers, who narrowly escaped defeat Monday night, or the fans of the five teams mentioned. Even Sapp should still know anything can happen on any given Sunday.

Jarrod Cooper disses Michael Huff and Stanford Routt

Yes, another former Raider, this time taking shots at an individual on the team. Cooper is a former Raider safety and special teams standout who represents the Raiders for Comcast. Cooper says he has learned from a mutual friend that Chris McAlister will likely be a Raider within a week and may even play against KC.

“Al Davis does not like Michael Huff...they’re playing him out of position. To get rid of Michael Huff, Al Davis would not mind. That may be one of the moves that brings Chris McAlister here.”

As for Routt, Cooper added, “I love Stanford Routt, but you’re pretty much good for nothing when it comes to covering people.”

Tom Cable and Al Davis went on to deny any knowledge of McAlister coming aboard.

That was some good stuff, especially the Stanford Routt line.

Richard Seymour calls out whoever gets in his way

"I'll be the guy on top of the quarterback."

You thought he was just talking about Week One. You, my friend, are mistaken. Seymour can only improve upon his Week One effort against the Chargers.

He had one game to practice with the team and still performed well. He will continue to be a hassle for opposing QBs and offenses for a good deal longer.

Experts call out Vegas

By many accounts, this is supposed to be a close game. Vegas odds have the Chiefs as three-point favorites. But six of eight ESPN "experts" have the Raiders winning the game.

I say let's prove them all wrong by making it a blowout in the Raiders' favor.


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