Fantasy Risers: Promoting Austin Collie and Pierre Garcon

Kevin Roberts@BreakingKevinSenior Writer ISeptember 17, 2009

Their lines from Sunday aren't going to make you fall off your chair. You won't be racing your friends to the waiver wire.

But maybe you should be.

Austin Collie and Pierre Garcon, the immediate beneficiaries of extra targets and playing time in the wake of Anthony Gonzalez's knee injury, are worth taking a chance on.

True, it will be difficult to pinpoint which of these young, talented receivers will progress the most and take advantage of his new role in the offense. But both should make big enough strides to warrant roster consideration in deep leagues.

Let's look at the facts:

Gonzalez was the No. 2 receiver in the Colts' pass-happy offense, which meant that these two guys were already fighting for decent action as the third and fourth receivers.

The loss of mini-Gonzo simply means that one of them is, at least for label's sake, the team's new No. 2, while the other is the team's official third receiver.

However, with the chemistry Peyton Manning has with tight end Dallas Clark, we can safely assume we'll still see Clark splitting out and lining up in the slot as he has done much of the past two years.

Regardless, both receivers will see a solid rise in production and targets (Garcon had five on Sunday, while Collie had three). So what separates them?

Garcon is more suited to play the outside, as he has better speed and overall playmaking ability.

However, Collie was more productive in college, has much better hands, and is a precise route-runner. On that same note, Collie isn't exactly an athletic pushover, either. He isn't leaps and bounds behind Garcon when it comes to speed and agility.

Regardless, with Collie's strengths putting him mostly in the slot to start, his value is limited initially, as the Colts are likely to put Clark in there at least 50 percent of the time.

With the long-term view in mind, however, Collie may be the better pick-up. Manning wouldn't mind having a second sure-handed receiver who knows how to get open. And while we may not see it happening immediately, Collie could end up having a very solid stretch up until Gonzalez's return.

There is a strong argument to add both players, as the final answer ultimately comes down to what players are on your roster, the depth of your league, and who else is available in the free agency pool.

Still, despite the likelihood that at least one of these players will see significant improvement starting this Monday night, both players remain available in 98 percent of Yahoo! leagues.

Take the early jump on the Colts receiver of your choosing, but know that one of them will surely be handing out solid fantasy production when the lights go on this coming Monday.

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