Do All Bear Fans a Favor Tony Dungy, Mike Martz, and Jim Mora: Shut-Up

Max KienzlerAnalyst ISeptember 16, 2009

OK, I get it—Tony Dungy is an amazing coach.

Not only that, but he is a great, stand-up guy who believes in second chances. I wouldn't be surprised if he can also walk on water.

He won a Super Bowl and so did Mike Martz as an offensive coordinator. Jim Mora Sr. has also been a coach for longer than I have been alive.

All that aside, I am tired of hearing from these men.

Dungy came out in June and openly questioned Jay Cutler. He talked about his immaturity and lack of leadership. Fine, I could deal with that. Cutler whined his way out of Denver, so he deserved to be criticized to some extent.

But now I turn on NFL.com and have to listen to Mike Martz and Jim Mora bash Cutler for a "poor" post game interview.

The Sun Times ran a good article here that breaks down exactly what they said.

But seriously, I did not hear anything wrong with Cutler's post game talk. In fact, I kind of liked what I heard. Sure, I wish he had shown more anger about his sub-par performance, but I liked the fact that he clearly isn't going to dwell on what happened last game.

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Several times throughout the course of Rex Grossman's roller coaster career in Chicago, he would have a bad game and the media would just blast him relentlessly and it was obvious that Rex would take it to heart. He would go out the next game and overcompensate for the past mistakes (which often led to more mistakes).

But not Jay.

Believe me when I say this, I was disgusted with Cutler's performance this past weekend. I thought it was abysmal and nearly vomit inducing. But you know what, I like his attitude. I like the fact he is looking forward to next week already. I just hope that means he will do the same after he has a good game (which will happen).

And while we are on the subject of maturity, I will be even more honest. I don't care if Cutler seems "immature" during post game interviews. I could care less that he isn't Tom Brady or Peyton Manning. All I care about, is if he can go out there and play well for the Bears week in and week out.

And these coaches that are ripping him- do we need to look at their own resumes? I mean first off, Tony Dungy is talking a lot about being mature and a leader, while he's been lobbying for a convicted felon to be reinstated.

Let me say, I am all for second chances and I wish Michael Vick the best of luck (except on November 22) for the remainder of his career. But he was the main man in Atlanta. He was their No. 1 pick; the face of the franchise and he blew it, both for himself and the franchise as a whole.

Yet Dungy goes out there and questions Cutler's maturity?

Next is Mike Martz. Do I even need to discuss Mike Martz? I mean this man had one good coaching year and has plain stunk it up when he didn't have a Pro Bowl caliber QB/RB/WR. And the only reason he mentions Jay Cutler, is so he can back up his good buddy and former fellow assistant coach Lovie Smith.

Finally, Jim Mora. It is actually rather amusing to hear Mora say, "When I saw that post game press conference last night, I thought he looked completely immature."

I'm sorry Jim, I forgot that your definition of a "mature" press conference needs to include profanity laced rants about how everyone played like "horseshit" (as he has done in the past).

Listen, could Jay have handled it better? I guess so. But I, as a Bears fan, was glad to see him shaking off the loss already.

I don't care if my QB is voted the most popular or the nicest. Jim McMahon wasn't exactly a poster child for the Nobel Peace Prize and he still ended up doing pretty well.

So as long as Cutler comes back this week and shows improvement, then that is all I care about.

Of course, if he wins and then doesn't sound like he was REALLY happy to win, I am sure we will hear about it from our panel of perfect ex-coaches on next week's show.

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