How Quickly We Forget

JP FrederickCorrespondent ISeptember 15, 2009

CLEVELAND - SEPTEMBER 13:  Adrian Peterson #28 of the Minnesota Vikings runs by Brodney Pool #21 and Corey Willams #99 of the Cleveland Brwons at Cleveland Browns Stadium on September 13, 2009 in Cleveland, Ohio.  (Photo by Matt Sullivan/Getty Images)


Ho-hum, 180 yards. Three touchdowns, ho-hum.

Let's talk about Brett Favre! Splendid! What did you think of that throw, Mr. Elizabeth Hasselbeck? Did it have the tight, crisp spin of a Brazilian pole-dancer?

Percy Harvin caught three balls! Blimey! And then Brett tackled him and then they hugged and then it got a little awkward and then children's eyes had to be covered and then raunchiness was redefined and then a nun wept.

Adrian Peterson, 180 yards, three touchdowns, a 64-yard ankle-breaking zig-zag through blocks and defenders, the brick stiff-arm, and a rocket booster-like dead sprint...ho-hum.


Has it gotten to this point already? It usually takes a DWI or a season in Oakland or The Plastic Ono Band before we start taking greatness for granted.

But barely three seasons into his career, and Adrian Peterson gets the back seat after gaining more rushing yards than 28 National Football League teams?

Ho-hum, let's talk about the special teams. Nothing special there, am I right?! Huh?! Yeah!? Sorry.

Just step back for a second and think: Peterson is on pace for 1,800 yards and 30 touchdowns, with six games left in the season.

The 30 touchdowns will obviously come down - Chester is a vulture, Brett has got a lot of free Wranglers thanks to the one-yard touchdown pass, and Jeff Dugan is goin' get his! - but 1,800 yards through 10 games?

Sure, why not.

It's an outlandish and foolish statement, but so what? Have you seen this "human"? Or his future "opposition"?

The Vikes are playing in Detroit next week. The Lions just gave up 358 passing yards and six touchdowns to Drew Brees and the Saints. Despite all those passes, running back Mike Bell was still able to rush for 143 yards.

Mike Bell. He couldn't get yards in the Mike Shanahan running back machine.

The lesson is, as always, Detroit's defense might not be that good this year.

Peterson could get 300 yards next week, and only with Peterson can such an outlandish and foolish and drunk statement be taken somewhat seriously; i.e, Adrian Peterson is the reason Superman keeps some kryptonite around, in case Adrian turns evil.

But, as we all know, Superman keeps some kryptonite around because he's suicidal. Being the world's savior is too much pressure for one man, even a Superman. Or a Christ. But that's a story for another day.

The Vikings won Sunday - and will continue to win, or lose - because of many reasons. It's a football team; there is always more praise or criticism to go around, don't get me wrong.

Yes, they won because Brett Favre completed important passes; because Percy Harvin gets first downs; because Chester Taylor is a professional; because Kevin Williams makes impact plays; and because the E.J-led defense made the important third down plays.

But while it's a football team, and they win and lose as a football team, the Vikings will go as far as Adrian Peterson can drag defenders.

He is the bread butterer, and no one can ever forget this.

Especially you, Brad.


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