Week One: Buy/Sell Report

FantasyDCCorrespondent ISeptember 15, 2009

Patrick Crayton WR, DAL

Four receptions, 135 yards, one TD

Jon Dove—Hold—The Dallas offense put up a total of 462 yards. Romo seemed on top of his game and spread the ball around nicely. Crayton will have value if Romo continues to look impressive. However, I would be cautious when trading for Crayton. This huge game could raise his immediate trade value and mask the fact that he is no better than a No. 3 fantasy WR.

Billy Smith—Buy—I think Tampa Bay is transitioning to a different defensive scheme and had a lot of blown assignments. However, Tony Romo showed he is going to distribute the ball more with TO out of the picture. Crayton is gong to get a lot of balls thrown at him this season, he showed he can get open and hang on to the ball. I would try to acquire Crayton, if you can.

Earl Bennett WR, CHI

Seven receptions, 66 yards

Jon Dove—Buy—Bennett was by far Cutler’s top target. This was Bennett’s first NFL game with a catch. As Bennett gains experience he could be a major fantasy contributor. This game was impressive, but not blown away impressive so you should be able to buy low.

Billy Smith—Buy—Cutler is familiar with Bennett from their days lighting it up at Vandy. This should factor well for Bennett, especially early in the season.

Cedric Benson RB, CIN

21 carries, 76 yards, one TD, four receptions, 32 yards

Jon Dove—Buy—The Bengals' offense didn’t impress, but Benson was a bright spot. It is a good sign that he was more involved in the passing game. I expect Carson Palmer to improve his play as the season continues, which would open more running lanes for Benson.

Billy Smith—Buy—Having a back that is going to have a solid rushing and receiving game is a nice commodity. I think Cincinnati will get better on offense, especially in the passing game. This will only help Benson’s numbers.

Jay Cutler QB, CHI

17-of-36, 277 yards, one TD, four INT's

Jon Dove—Buy—His stock is going to be way down after this poor performance. Cutler threw the ball 36 times, which shows the Bears will be passing a lot more this year. He will not have another game like this and will be extra motivated to overcome this terrible performance.

Billy Smith—Sell—I think Cutler got out of Green Bay lucky he didn’t have more interceptions. The Bears need to run the ball more and I think Lovie Smith realizes this. Cutler has yet to prove that he is an elite quarterback. The Bears' top two receivers are a converted cornerback and a wideout that caught his first professional pass last night. Cutler has potential, but he is a third tier quarterback right now.

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