Ryden's Review Of Breaking Point

ryden redContributor ISeptember 15, 2009

Mvp and Henry vs Jerishow- it was an average tag team match it was what i expected it was good when mvp and jericho were wrestling and has bad once henry got in the the big show did a decent and there where some nice big man spot which i liked but overall-**3\4

then legacy cuts a good promo where they talk about their match and put over themselves and dx

Miz vs Kofi- good match especially the ending the match it self was a good counter wrestling match the miz got to look very strong, kofi did some really good offense

Dx vs Legacy- this a very good match almost great legacy looked great here it started along very good with the brawl in the crowd then hhh and hbk takes legacy back to the ring and then they do this great spot where hhh puts cody trough the chair and does a sharpshooter and then hbk put cody on the camel clutch after this they do some submission moves the crossface and rhodes some really nice looking submission then they hbk and cody brawl in to the crowd again then cody push hbk of the crowd and he landed in some tables which looked like it hurted they cody and ted fight with hhh backstage they lay out hhh with a chair shoot then they do a great spot where cody as the figure four and ted does the million dollar dream and hbk taps

Then orton does a really, really good promo where he gives a twist to his character where he tells matthews to take a seat. He has no reaction, he knew legacy would win and they won. matthews wants to ask another question, but he only had permission for one. this annoys orton. he says that josh is one of those people that says one thing and does something else, just like john cena. cena says he can't say "I quit", but how can he be sure? He can't. orton explains how he is going to make Cena quit, and the whole time he is showing the snake mannerisms that fit him so well

Kane vs Khali- who cares this was a DUD

then punk cuts a decent promo where he talks about jeff where he says that nobody gives him a chance tonight, but then nobody gave him one at summerslam. then three weeks later jeff did exactly what punk said he would do. he talks about beating taker, and not being afraid, then the lights go out! punk jumps a mile, but it's just jimmy wang yang messing with him. JWY wishes him luck, punk thanks him then kills him. that was fun.

Then the Christian vs Regal- this was a very good match this startes with good chain wrestling then regal got control of the match he does alot of suplex he does the regalplex
christian comes back with some high offence the missile dropick the cross body then regal goes for his knee christian counters and does the killswitch
overall- ***1\2

Then comes in my opinion the match of the night Orton vs Cena in a i quit match- this match started pretty good cena comes out strong he does some nice offense then orton takes control and then the match got very good orton hits cena with the monitor and that implater ddt then goes for the rko on the cena counters on does the 5 moves of doom (im not a hater) but orton counters the f-u then orton takes back control and this is where the match got great the storytelling that occured during this match was awesome it was basically taking the i quit to his natural conclusion which is torture orton handcuffed cena and then tortured him with the singapure canes, chairs, fists, kicks, the spets and even a mic then there was a nice moment it looked like from a movie where orton throws water in cenas face to stop him passing out, then tells the ref to ask him. cena responds by spitting in ortons face then cena hulk ups then orton rkos cena he tries to get the key but cena looks the stf and orton says i quit
overall- ****1\4

Then the last match of the night Taker vs Punk- this was going along as a pretty good match with some good counter wrestling and some violence with punk giving chair shoots to taker there is a superplex they both are down then they good up they do some exchange of blows taker goes for a chokeslam punk counter then taker counters again goes for the hells gate punk taps then while taker is celebrating teddy comes in says to restart the match because the hell gate where banned they restart the match punk goes for the anaconda vise and then you have the montreal screwjob version 2.0 looks like teddy turned heel
overall- **1\2 the end ruined what was a good match

Overall this was a good ppv


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