BREAKING NEWS: Jeff Garcia To Philadelphia, A.J. Feeley To Carolina!

Ray TannockSenior Analyst ISeptember 14, 2009

OAKLAND, CA - 2009:  Jeff Garcia of the Oakland Raiders poses for his 2009 NFL headshot at photo day in Oakland, California.  (Photo by NFL Photos)

A familiar face is back in Philadelphia, while a true journeyman has landed a job in Carolina setting up a week two frenzy of media hoopla.

Jeff Garcia has rejoined the Philadelphia Eagles as they weigh their options against Donovan McNabb's injuries, while the Panther made a bold move to sure up the No.2 spot that was previously thought to be solid in acquiring A.J. Feeley.

For many Eagles fans, the memory of Garcia filling in last year was more positive than negative, and considering Vick is unavailable, and Kolb is all but useless, this move makes more sense than powdered sugar on funnel cake.

For the Carolina Panthers, the move is bold and logical, but it is also one that will undoubtedly make for a minor QB controversy going forward. But let’s not forget, football teams make moves that help them, not pander to the media or fan base.

Feeley is not considered to be a top QB, but he does posses the skills that are a bit better than anyone else taking over the helm in Carolina. In the event Delhomme has another outing like he did in Philly, Feely could show himself to have some initial worth.

The Eagles take on the high flying New Orleans Saints, while the Panthers entertain the Atlanta Falcons in the first divisional showdown between the two.

The Eagles could have more success utilizing the services of Garcia before the Panthers show any fantasy worth in Feeley.

This whole situation comes at the end of a huge interest in Feeley by as many as four teams: Carolina, St. Louis, Philadelphia, and New England.

Yes, I said New England, and it doesn’t make sense to me either but, moving on.

St. Louis pretty much either fell off the map in the race to sign Feeley, or just simply wasn’t interested enough. Garcia is the most unexpected turn for the Birds top date, let alone for the old greybeard himself; no-one saw this coming.

The implications in regard to Fantasy are still up in the air.

Philadelphia is still on the fence about McNabb at the time of this article, but even if McNabb plays he won’t be worth a squirt, making Garcia an intriguing player to watch.

Feeley is more of a top tier waiver wire guy. John Fox has already said Delhomme will start against Atlanta, but if he fails Feeley is the man. Add him to the waiver now just to be safe.

For coverage on the NFC East, and the Garcia effect, visit my post on Tuesday (which will be updated Tueday morning) and remember, the waiver wire is your friend.


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