Jeff Garcia Signs with Philly after Eagles Lose A.J. Feeley to Carolina

Bob Cunningham@BCunningham215Senior Analyst ISeptember 14, 2009

In what could be bad news for Donovan McNabb, the Eagles have gone out and signed Jeff Garcia.

Of course Eagles fans will remember Garcia for leading the Eagles to the playoffs in 2006 after McNabb went down with a torn ACL and the season appeared to be lost.

While McNabb is hurt again, these are extremely different circumstances. First of all, there's no guarantee that Garcia is even going to be the backup/starter if McNabb can't play.

Andy Reid has said numerous times that Kevin Kolb is the backup, and the signing of Garcia may not change that. He may only be a stopgap until Michael Vick is available as a backup.

So, realistically, Garcia could wind up being on the roster for this week only. Of course, that's assuming that McNabb doesn't miss any time. If he does, then Garcia could remain with the Eagles until McNabb returns.

Again, as I've stated several times, I don't expect McNabb to miss any time, and think this is just a precautionary move that could signal Reid's waning confidence in Kolb as the backup.

Not to be lost in this news is the signing of A.J. Feeley by the Carolina Panthers. Josh McCown was put on IR today, and the Panthers obviously don't have much faith in Matt Moore as the backup.

Feeley has been brought in as the No. 2 guy, but could wind up as the starter if Delhomme struggles again in Week Two the same way he did against the Eagles. Apparently the Eagles attempted to re-sign Feeley, but he turned them down in favor of Carolina.

Before we start thinking that Feeley was upset at the Eagles or anything to that effect, the more likely scenario is that Feeley feels as though he could supplant Delhomme in Carolina. Obviously, he'll take even the slimmest of chances to become a starter again.

For now, Garcia is great insurance if McNabb would be unable to start and Kolb doesn't play well (but really, what are the chances of that happening?), but nothing more than that.

He hasn't been brought in to challenge McNabb or take over Vick's spot or anything like that, so let's kill that before it even has the chance to start.

The Eagles have now confirmed the signing. The next move will be to make room for him on the roster. Antonio Dixon could have had a short stay in Philadelphia.

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