New Life: Larry Coyer's Defensive Coaching Is Changing Colts Defense

Tommy CochranCorrespondent ISeptember 13, 2009

The game was intense.

It was rough, tough, and down to the wire. It was a typical Colts vs. Jaguars game. There were very few things that separated this game from the rest.

Except one, the Colts defense.

When Ron Meeks left and Coyer came in I was excited but also a bit hesitant. Would his defensive philosophy work?

Would the defensive players the Colts have work with his plans?

How would a bigger defensive line effect the Colts? Finally, how would things be different?

Well we all learned quickly what Coyer has been doing with the defense.

He has made a defense that was already reliant on the pass rush even more deadly to the opposing quarterback.

While Meeks was always reliant on Freeney and Mathis to get to the opposing quarterback Coyer has come in and made the strong linebacking crew of the Colts help out.

Boy, did it work out.

Never have I seen such a swarm of blue engulf the opposing quarterback.

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Instead of just seeing the numbers of Freeney (#93) and Mathis (#98) all day you got a healthy dose of number 58, Gary Brackett, around as well.

There were very few times in the game where Garrard dropped back and wasn't getting pressured by a sea of blue. It was an almost constant sight, and as a fan that's what we want to see.

Not only did the Colts consistently pressure David Garrard today, but they limited the usually stellar run game of the Jaguars.

Sure it's early, but from what I have seen so far from the Colts defense I have high hopes for the team this season.

On some side notes, I am praying that Anthony Gonzalez will be back soon. Pierre Garcon and Austin Collie did well to fill in for Gonzalez but we need him back as soon as possible to get that veteran receiver back on the offensive starting lineup.

Also, I was extremely impressed by the Indianapolis Colts special teams. All game long they were almost flawless, with the one exception being the missed field goal by Adam Vinatieri.

That punt from McAfee that the Colts kept on the first yard was impressive stuff.

Go Colts!