Oakland Raiders' Tailgate Party: You Complete The Menu

Honor Warren Wells TheTorch@dbintayaelSenior Writer IISeptember 13, 2009

Who smoked that turkey for a tailgate party? I did.

When did I do it? Last night, while reading and writing on B/R. I multi-tasked, and started smoking ribs, chicken, a turkey, and sausage for my tailgate party.

I also watched two Seymour videos and responded to comments by Bret, Randy, Brent, and others.

What team am I pulling for? The Oakland Raiders, who else?

Where will my party be for the first game? In my own backyard because I have to teach college mathematics and it's too early in the semester to take off and travel to Oakland.

Why am I celebrating? Because I am a bona fide fan of the Oakland Raiders since December, 1970.

How did I season my turkey? Well, I can't have too much salt so I seasoned it with

Lemon pepper

Onion powder

Sazon by Goya

Used mesquite coals and an outdoor pit.

What else is on the menu for our party? Whatever you bring. Just post the rest of the menu in the comment section. Provide the recipe so I can try it out before the next game.

Who is invited to the party? All of those who read and comment on my "fun" article on our "cyber-party" for Sept. 24, 2009.

How will I know you showed up? Your read this article and posted a comment, your proof that you, too, are thinking about a tailgate party for our first game of the 2009 season.

By the way, whatever is on the menu must be home-cooked.

Are you ready for the Oakland Raider Tailgate Cyber-Party?

Postscript - THE BEST LIST:

Our Menu 

Bret's Dish

Leroy's Veggies


Smoked Turkey

Graham's dessert

Sparkling Apple Cider



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