Richard Seymour Makes it a Perfect Saturday for Oakland Raiders

Bret ArmstrongAnalyst ISeptember 13, 2009

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What a great day for Al Davis and his beloved Oakland Raiders.

One thing I have to hit on first is the media.  Did you notice how much coverage there wasn't of Richard Seymour arriving in Oakland, as opposed to the coverage of Richard Seymour not arriving in Oakland?

Okay, so the first piece of good news is that Seymour flew out to Oakland today, met the coaches, the owner, and his teammates.  He explained himself in a way that made the Raider Nation forgive him almost instantly.  He stated that he lives his life, "faith, family, then football, and football had to get put on hold for a minute."

Quite admirable, really.  Seymour has four children, the oldest just starting his freshman year of high school.  Thanks to the loyalty of the Patriots, his entire family, which includes his 15 year old cousin (whom Richard just obtained guardianship of), had to move from the New England area to South Carolina, where he and his wife are originally from.

In my opinion, his explanation beats the snot out of the explanation given by your media bigwigs, who claimed Oakland was not a place where Seymour wanted to play.

On the contrary, Richard admitted in a press conference held Saturday night, when he was introduced donning an Oakland Raiders No. 92 jersey, that he was a Raiders fan growing up, that there was, "something about the mystique."

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Seymour said he had to step back and breathe.  He stated he had been ready to play Buffalo on Monday Night Football, and then he learned during opening week that he would be playing the Chargers in Oakland instead.

He verified Tom Cable's comments, and stated that he had been in touch with Tom Cable and Al Davis soon after the trade, and told them that he wanted to come and play for Oakland.  He said he has been watching Oakland from afar, and he likes the underappreciated talent that exists in the squad.

I think we all can agree that getting a call from your head coach of the last eight years, during opening week of the regular season where you pick up the phone and say, "Hello, " and a very familiar voice on the other end says, "We traded your rights to the Raiders."  That might be a little bit nerve racking.

You might need to take sometime to recover from that in and of itself, let alone moving your family to a different state.

Anyhow, the best defensive lineman in Oakland is now officially in Oakland, so that is good thing number one that happened.

The second thing that happened, which had Al Davis glowing enough to say, "This is another great day in da history of Da Raidahs," was Lane Kiffin's Tennessee team losing a close one to UCLA 19-15.

Yeah, I know it sounds like the score at the end of a first-quarter college basketball game, but it made Mr. Davis smile, so it makes our hearts feel super happy, too, right?

Number three on the list is the Oakland Raiders have sold out the concrete turd known as the Coliseum for Monday Night Football against the rival San Diego Chargers.

On his Twitter page earlier today, Jerry McDonald begged the question, "What if Seymour starts with big play?"

He stated that a play such as Seymour stopping LaDainian Tomlinson behind the line for a two-yard loss on first and 10 during the Chargers; first possession would set the stage for the crowd noise to rain heavily on second down, as well as creating a passing situation against one of the better pass-defending teams in the league.

What if, in front of a sellout crowd on opening night, Trevor Scott comes in for the passing down, forces the pocket to collapse, and forces Phillip Rivers to step up right into, Richard Seymour, for the big sack? 

Look, if you are reading this right now, and you are going to see the Raiders-Chargers game live, get that 12th man pumping.  I want to hear each and every one of you on my surround sound pumping it up at the Coliseum.  Get rowdy and stay there.  Your team needs you now more than ever.

At this point in time, Al Davis stated publicly that he thinks Trevor Scott will be "brilliant" but he doesn't want to see him get beat up every down "like Burgess."

He also said  that, "Right now we are not talking about a long-term contract.  In due time, we will do what is right."

Well, Mr.Davis, I know you don't think I have anything to do with "Da Raidahs," but please make the right time Tuesday morning after your win against da San Diego Chargahs.

Also, on this day in Raiders history, the NFLPA has dropped their grievance against the Raiders on behalf of Seymour because Seymour reported to Oakland.  The NFLPA said that the Raiders had no right to send Seymour such a letter, so the fact is Seymour could've waited longer until the grievance was resolved if he didn't want to be in Oakland. 

So, I guess maybe he did want to be there all along. 

"This is another great day in the history of the Oakland Raiders."

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"This is another great day in the history of the Oakland Raiders."

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thinks DE Trevor Scott will be "brilliant" but they don't want him beat up everydown "like Burgess."

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