Richard Seymour Speaks, Makes Fools Of Many in the Media

SonnyCorrespondent ISeptember 12, 2009

Richard Seymour, an Oakland Raiders Fan since his childhood, finally broke his silence about the blockbuster trade that sent him to the Oakland Raiders for a 2011 first-round draft pick.

Richard stated that the New England Pats blindsided him with the deal. When his old coach called him, Belichik spoke only five words: "You have been traded to Oakland."

What a way to treat a player that has meant so much to your organization through so many years. It was not New England trading Seymour, but the way they did it that was low down and let the world see just how "classy" this organization really is.

Richard Seymour made many in the media, who show what seems to be outright hatred of the Oakland Raiders and Al Davis, to be nothing more than a bunch of clowns who just made news up as they went. Some in the media even went as far as to call coach Cable an outright liar.

My earlier article on Bleacher Report was dead on about what was really going down with Richard Seymour during this trade.

Al Davis and the Raiders knew all along what would be coming out once Richard Seymour finished the business of taking care of his family and had a little time to shake off the sucker punch he had just received from his coach.

The Raiders just sat back and never said a word, all the while letting many in the media make fools of themselves day after day. Where do they find some of these people, do they advertise for them on the street corner?

Richard Seymour stated he never made any demands to the Raiders about not franchise-tagging him at the end of the year, or that he wanted a new contract before he would show up in Oakland.

They have been talking about a long-term contract, but by choice—not by threat.

The last big trade that Al Davis made with New England with a player coming our way involved Davis gaving up two No. 1 draft picks. That player now is in the Hall of Fame. His name is Mike Haynes, the best corner to ever play in the NFL.

Great move, Davis, and welcome to the Black Hole, Richard Seymour—it is always great to meet another Oakland Raiders Fan.

New England lost on this one as their D already had questions in the secondary and at the linebacker position. DEs/DTs like Richard Seymour do not grow on trees. How many Richard Seymours have been drafted in the first round during the past decade? Not many.


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