Memo to the Oakland Raiders and Raider Nation: Look in the Mirror

Honor Warren Wells TheTorch@dbintayaelSenior Writer IISeptember 12, 2009

SEATTLE - SEPTEMBER 03:  Samson Satele #64 of the Oakland Raiders stands on the field before the game against the Seattle Seahawks on September 3, 2009 at Qwest Field in Seattle, Washington. (Photo by Otto Greule Jr/Getty Images)

Did you say that you don't like to look at yourself in the mirror?

Well, it's a countdown to the Monday Night Football game, and a little introspection just might be good for all of us before the game begins.

So many fans have their charts, statistics, videos, and comments about what should be done on Monday night. Just in case there is a dimension of the human experience that is not acknowledged by all, but, nevertheless, exists for some, let's delve in it for a minute.

Let me remind you that this article is designed to speak to Tom Cable and his staff, the team, Al Davis, the Raider Nation, and other interested parties.

Do you remember reading about the Six-Day War? Did you read the comments about the probability of victory for a certain people? Were the odds against them in that war? Did they win the war?

A lone voice called for fans of Israel to perform something to get connected. See the fun video by clicking this link.

According to one report, the opponents' leader and his key men attended a party with a gyrating belly dancer, stayed out late, and were fatigued because of their "shenanigans" the night before the war.

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On the other hand, a Rabbi made a powerful appeal to some of the people to perform a little ceremony or meditation, to get their mind and heart on one accord.

Hum. Do you see the difference?

So now, let us do introspection or become the man or woman who looks in the mirror. We look to see ourselves, clearly. We ask if our hearts and minds are tuned in and plugged in to the right source of power, to charge us up for victory.

As the video says, we charge our cellphone each night, we charge our laptops, and so on.

How do we charge our body, mind, and spirit for victory?

Oakland Raiders and Raider Nation, heed the words of the Rabbi who called for a different approach to build the confidence and power for a victory when others shout that the odds are against us.

You have got about three days to try something different and deeper. It's up to you!

I have got to go now and get charged up, the way I prefer to do it.

1. I am putting on my receptors and plugging into my source of inspiration.

2. I am looking at my writings and my B/R archives to determine if I have done the job I have been assigned to do.

3. I am expecting a miracle, as the story tells us the Rabbi did not falter in his confidence that Israel would be victorious. He spoke his belief, and many believed him.

Again, it's a countdown. Do you believe in miracles?

Here are my reasons (my articles) which express my belief in the Oakland Raiders:

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Now examine what the fans and others are reading. They read:

1. Help is on the way.

2. Look at the bright side.

3. Clean up what you messed up.

4. Be on the same mind.

5. A change is gonna come.

So, you the fans read and you must have a level of belief or hope. You voted on the content and character of our cheerleading. You voted on

1. Help

2. A positive outlook

3. Clean up, by forgiving, supporting, sharing with others, etc.

4. Be single-minded.

5. Envision change, and move toward more wins for the Oakland Raiders.

I conclude by saying "It is your call!"