Come To Think Of It... Chicago Sports Fans Thank God It's Football Season

Bob Warja@@bobwarjaSenior Writer ISeptember 12, 2009

We Chicago sports fans are nuts. Crazy about our teams, passionate about winning, but appreciate hard work and a blue collar attitude most of all. So football appeals to many of us because it's a tough sport played by tough men and there are no guaranteed contracts, or players sitting out with a broken fingernail.

Not that we don't love our baseball teams. Oh hell yes, we certainly do. But after having the thrill of both the Cubs and Sox being in the playoffs last year (though they both laid an egg there), this season has been particularly rough.

It sure doesn't look like either team will play postseason ball, so I say "bring on the Bears!"

Of course, it helps that we finally have an honest-to-goodness real NFL QB in Jay Cutler. But even if our defense lets us down and we don't win the NFC North, at least we have hope right now. And, after this baseball season, it sure feels good to start with a clean slate once again.

Look, I recognize the Blackhawks had a terrific season last year and we're excited about their chances again this year. And even the Bulls made some noise against the Celtics in one of the most evenly matched series I have ever witnessed.

But there's something about the start of a new football season to make one's juices start flowing again. And, judging by all the hype this preseason, if our juices were flowing any more, we'd drown in them.

Now, you can't count on this optimism lasting forever. If we lose to the Packers Sunday night, we might be stewing in our own juices.

And that, unfortunately, is a distinct possibility. For the dreaded Packers have a mighty damn fine QB of their own in Aaron Rodgers. My heart screams Bears, but my head whispers Packers in this matchup. I hope I'm wrong.

But no matter. Right now, anything is possible and everything is right in front of us. Unlike our baseball teams, come to think of it.


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