Bob Arum Labels MMA Fighters Homosexuals, Fans Skinheads

Nate Lawson@NateLawsonCorrespondent ISeptember 11, 2009

Bob Arum is one of the most well known promoters in all of boxing, and his spot in the limelight often yields interesting (more like ignorant) comments.

That was the case once again as Ariel Helwani of AOL Fanhouse interviewed Arum at Yankee Stadium, location of the Pacquio-Cotto press conference.

The first part of the interview went fairly smoothly, with Arum taking his stand against Floyd Mayweather once again, calling him a "defensive" and "scared" fighter.

However, his first interesting comment came almost four minutes into the interview with Arum stating that Mayweather is not entertaining in the ring, but outside of it.

"Outside the ring, he shoots up cars. He does other things like that and he entertains," stated Arum. "But in the ring, he is not an entertaining fighter."

Arum does not think that a Pacquio-Mayweather superfight will ever come to pass. That is a fight that boxing desperately needs. For Arum, preserving the sport should come to mind, and that fight needs to happen.

However, the 77-year-old's finest moments were yet to come, as the topic of mixed martial arts was brought to the forefront.

In his typical manner, while continuing to refer to MMA as UFC, Arum bashed the sports fans, labelling them as "a bunch of skinhead white guys".

And it did not stop there.

Arum moved from the fans to the fighters, stating that the fighters are "guys rolling around like homosexuals".

These comments were quite bold. Yet they were not as bold as they were purely ignorant. Arum continues his run of being the grumpiest man in sports, and, with the way mixed martial arts is taking over boxing, it is probably hard for him to put much cognitive thought elsewhere as long as he is busy bashing mixed martial arts and trying to figure out how boxing can continue without a Pacquio-Mayweather fight.

While boxing continues to fall out of favor with fight fans, mixed martial arts continues its rise. Arum clearly is not handling it well as once again he his brash comments will fail to convince any mixed martial arts fan that his sport is superior.

On another note, I have to commend Ariel Helwani for the way he handled himself in the interview. Arum took a negative and ignorant stance against MMA, and Helwani defended himself, the sport, and pushed back at Arum. The result, a great interview. Great job by Ariel Helwani of Fanhouse.com.


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