The Steelers Will Defend Their Title To Start The Season, 13-10 In Overtime

Thomas Moreland@NFLMIKEESenior Writer ISeptember 11, 2009

LANDOVER, MD - AUGUST 22:  Hines Ward #86 of the Pittsburgh Steelers warms up before against the Washington Redskins at Fed Ex Field on August 22, 2009 in Landover, Maryland.  (Photo by Greg Fiume/Getty Images)

The Pittsburgh Steelers begin the defense of their Super Bowl title in Pittsburgh against the Tennessee Titans.

The steak is on the grill and I'm so ready for this season to begin.

Al Michaels and Chris Collingsworth have the play by play and I am like a pig in mud. Happy!

Let the game begin.

The Steelers start off with a 40-yard kick off return, but get backed up quickly on the first drive.

Troy Palamalu makes a speedy tackle on the punt and Tennesee is backed up to the four yard line and punts back to the Steelers quickly.

The Steelers start their second drive on their own forty and start to move with a run, and a quick screen to Santonio Holmes.

Pittsburgh moves into Tennessee territory on the thirty of the Titans.

A screen to Heath Miller and it's third down on the Tennessee 22 yard line.

Big Ben scrambles around but takes a sack and Pittsburgh is backed up and must punt.

Tennessee takes over again on offense.

Both teams are trying to find some offensive rhythm so far in this early going.

Chris Johnson makes a big run and a fifteen yard penalty moves the Titans down the field. Another pass to the tight end, and Tennessee is in business at the Pittsburgh twenty two yard line.

There's a short run by Johnson and a drop by Crumpler and it's third and seven. Palamalu is flying around the field and the pass in incomplete.

 One of the best kickers in the league , Rob Bironas misses from 32 yards and it's still 0-0. Pittsburgh takes over on downs. That was a missed oppurtunity by the Titans.

Rothlisberger goes down again on a blitz by Tennessee.

The Steelers punt again and Tennessee takes over on the 26 yard line.

Scaife catches a nice pass from Collins and the Titans are on the move again. An illegal formation kills a nice gain by Collins to Gage and it's first and fifteen from the 31 of Tennessee.

Another  completion to the tight end Scaife  and the Titans seem to be moving easily with their passing game.

Not a lot of blitzing going on yet by the Steeler defense.

Palamalu stops that drive cold with a one handed interception, and perfect coverage. Wow! That was a highlight film catch already. Palamalu looks liked he played football last week instead of last season.

Total offensse so far, Tennessee 93 yards, Pittsburgh, 1.

Big Ben throws a horrible pass to end the quarter, and gets it intercepted right back.

He waited way too long to throw that ball, and overthrew his man badly.

The second half starts with Chris Johnson making a nice move and a good gain.

Chris Johnson is slammed by James Harrison on the next play, then a ball is batted into Collins face. Then Farrier sacks Collins with a crossing action blitz, and Tennessee must punt. Pittsburgh takes over on their own five. Still 0-0.

Now the Steelers defense is showing some blitz's.

A nice pass to Miller gets some breathing room to the thirteen. Willie Parker gets nowhere on the Tennessee gap defense and it's third and two. Miller makes another catch and it's a first down.

Big Ben hits Santonio Holmes for anothe nine yard gain. The a holding call gets it to second and six to go.

Another holding call and the Steelers are going the wrong way. On second and 16, Rothlisberger rifles it to Santonio Holmes fot a first down.

Willie Parker gets five yards and it's third and five from the 38 yard line.

The Steelers punt again and Tennessee takes over on their own 26 yard line.

The number one draft pick from Rutgers, Kenny Britt, makes the first catch of his career from Kerry Collins for fifteen yards and a first down.

Lendale White looks quicker after losing 40 pounds in the off season for Tennessee.

Another pass to the tight end Scaife, and Palamalu gets a personal foul, for a face mask. First and ten at the seventeen of Pittsburgh for Tennessee.

There's a five yard run, a stop, and it's third and six. Collins throws incomplete and Bironas gets his field goal attempt blocked and there's still no score.

The Steelers will try thier first two minute drill of this young season now, as they attempt to get on the scoreboard first.

The defense is ahead of the offense on both teams so far. Two minutes to go in the half and no score. I predicted the Steelers would win , but not cover six points, and so far, Thats what's happening.

Tennessee should be ahead by six, with the chances they have had so far, but have no points to show for some nice passing and running.

There's a big catch by Hines Ward, and a gain of 29. Big Ben is so dangerous in closing minutes of a half, or the end of a game. That was a very nice pass. The Steelers are in scoring range.

Touchdown on the next pass to Santonio Holmes for 34 yards. A  fitting way   to start the season to the man who caught the last touchdown in the Super Bowl.

That was 79 yards in five plays as the offense of the Steelers wakes up.

Palamalu is out right now, after Crumpler fell on his knee in the last series.

Kenny Britt catches a pass and gets a gain of 57 yards and Tennessee is all the way down to the Steelers 14 yard line with 54 seconds to go.

The next pass is a touchdown to Justin Gage and it's tied up 7-7 with an explosion of offense in the last two minutes.

Kenny Britt has two catches for 86 yards and I bet he's on no one's fantasy team.

Palamalu and Woodley are both out of the Steeler defense at the moment. Palomalu with  a sore knee and Woodley with cramps.

Heath Miller makes a catch and their's 35 seconds left. Miller makes another catch for a first down and they are about at mid-field. Time out, Pittsburgh with 27 seconds left in the half.

Hines Ward gets to the Tennessee 43 and gets out of bounds to save a time out.

Big Ben throws incomplete with 16 seconds left.

Rothlisberger gets sacked and that sets the Steelers back. With seven seconds we have time for one hail mary to end the half.

There's an illegal formation by the Steelers, and that kills a 10 yard gain. There's a long pass, Finegan intercepts the pass for Tennessee, and races up the field 70 yards to end the half 7-7.

A good first half of action, but Pittsburgh better hope Troy Palomalu is ok.

Tennessee gets the ball to start the second half.

Tennesse fumbles on the first possesion of the first half and Pittsburgh takes over. Parker gets a decent run and the Steelers try to get a first down as Willie Parker goes over 5000 career yards.

The Steelers fail to get a first down on the ground and punt it back to Tennessee once more. They are going to have to get it together on offense or the Titans will eventually make them pay.

The Steelers defense continue to play big and Tennessee has third and 10 from their own five. Woodley is back  in for  Pittsburgh    and smothers Chris Johnson. Tennessee punts from the back of their own end zone and the Steelers take over on their own 47 yard line.

Big Ben throws incomplete and it's second down and ten.  Thers'a short run and it's third and six. Moore catches a swing pass for a first down for the Steelers.

Rothlisberger is pressured and the drive stalls out as Pittsburgh punts again. Pittsburgh is having trouble running on this good gap defense of the Titans.

Parker is not getting to the holes before Tennessee fills them.

Tennessee again goes no where on two plays and it's third and six at the Tennessee 14 yard line. Gage gets free and it's a sixteen yard srtike from Collins.

White runs for four yards and then Collins is pressured and throws incomplete. On third and six, an illegal formation stops a first down pass. third and eleven now. A dropped pass by Gage, and Tennessee has to punt.

Pittsburgh takes over on their own fifteen yard line.

 There's a couple of short runs and Rothlisberger has to throw short to Hines Ward and the  Steelers punt again to start the fourth quarter.

Anyone's game at this point, and one big play is going to decide this one.

The Pittsburgh running game is non existent and Tennessee is hanging around, waiting for a chance to go ahead.

Collins hits the rookie Britt again for his third catch.

Collins hums a pass in to Gage and it's a first down to Gage at the Steelers 37 yard line. Chris Johnson rushes to the Steeler 32 yard line.  Collins is 3-0 in his career against the Steelers.

A Steeler Blitz gets it to third and six for Tennessee. A short pass, and we will see Bironas for a field goal attempt of 45 yards. The kick is good, and Tennessee takes a three point lead with eleven minutes to go.

There's a nice return by Logan of the Steelers and Pittsburgh starts at their own 35 yard line.

Mike Wallace. the rookie, picks up 6 yards. Parker makes a nice catch,  and runs for the first down.  Miller breaks a tackle after a short catch, and get nine yards.

The Steelers have changed the tempo and are running a no huddle offense right now.

I have Heath Miller on a couple of fantasy teams and he is quietly having a good night.

Miller catches another short dump off pass for a first down. Off sides on Tennessee, and it;s first and five to go. Holmes catches a first down pass, and the Steelers are on the move.

Moore picks up three on a short run, down to the 27 yard line of Tennessee. Rothlisberger gets blindsides by Kearse and it's a big blitz sack. Third and 12.

Santonio Holmes get free for a big first down, and then Moore runs it down to the 10 yard line. Moore again for a short gain inside the ten.

Once again, the Steelers fall short on third and short and  fake going for it, which sets up a field goal attempt for Jeff Reed.

The 32 yard attempt is just good, and were tied at 10-10 with 2:57 to go in the game.

The Steelers were the worst team in the league on short third down conversions last year and that is not changing.

The run game has been horrible for the Steelers tonight.

A holding call on the kick off sets the Titans back to start this drive.

Gage makes a catch to gain eleven yards. First down at the Steeler 29 yard line.

The Steelers blitz twice and it's third and ten. Collins throw incomplete and Pittsburgh get it back with 1:57 left and all of their time outs.

The punt is short and Pittsburgh gets it at thier own  42 yard line. Santonio Holmes catches a first down pass at the Tennessee 46.   Hines Ward makes a catch and it's a short gain.

Moore catches a short pass for a first down with 63 seconds left.

Hines Ward makes a nicecatch. but fumbles on the four yard line. Tennessee recovers as Hines Ward is stripped trying to score. with a huge mistake.

Well, were going to overtime on a big mistake by Hines Ward. All he had to do is fall down, but he tried to score and paid the price for his competitive nature.

Tennessee is stalled on the four yard line, and it's third down  and   41 seconds left. The clock runs out, and we will have a coin toss for overtime, and perhaps  a win for heads or tails.

Tennessee calls tails and it's heads. Pittsburgh gets the ball at home to try and win it.

It's been a great opener for the season. I'm thinking Hines Ward is going to catch a pass and redeem himself.

Logan out to the 22 yard line and here we go.

Big Ben starts off with a short pass in complete to Moore.  Ward makes a catch for a first down.

Heath Miller catches his eighth pass for eight yards. Moore runs for maybe two yards.

The Steelers have only 35 yards rushing on 22 carries. That's a first down for the Steelers.

A short run makes it second and nine. Hines Ward catches a short pass and it's third and two to go. A quck pass to Santonio Holmes and It's another first down.

An incomplete pass by Big Ben, as they try to sack him and it's second and ten.

Mike Wallace, the rookie from Mississippi catches a pass at the fifteen yard line.

A thirty three yard field goal will wrap this up, and no one is wanting this to go through the uprights more than Hines Ward.

The kick is up and it's good. Steelers win 13-10.

Pittsburgh wins the game and Tennessee covers the spread.

A perfect call to start the season by Thomas[NFL Mikee ] Moreland.

I hope you enjoyed the game or this recap in case you missed the action.


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