Q&A: Stephen Curry Would Take Warriors Starting 5 over Any Dream Squad in NBA 2K

Bleacher Report NBA StaffFeatured ColumnistJuly 1, 2015

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PETALUMA, Calif. — It's hard to say exactly when an NBA star "arrives," but 2015 NBA MVP and NBA Finals champion Stephen Curry is officially a known commodity.

Even in the offseason, his legend grows. Curry can now count himself among the rare NBA superstars who have graced the NBA2K cover. Have a look:

Photo courtesy of 2K.

"To be on a lot of people's shelves for the game console coming next year, this is amazing," Curry told Bleacher Report after a motion-capture session at the 2K Studios in Novato, California, last week. "I have all the cases from the last 10 years. I play. So when I get my first hard copy, it's going to be a nice little moment putting it in the docket."

Curry and B/R staffer Sean Jordan discussed all things NBA2K and more below (click on the videos or read text below the videos for Curry's responses).

Bleacher Report: Who are some of the bigger gamers on the Warriors? Do you guys play against each other in the locker room?

Stephen Curry: Yeah. PS4s and all that stuff travel with us on the road. We have some staff that play a lot. Andre Iguodala, Draymond Green, Harrison [Barnes], Klay Thompson, those are the main gamers on the team. I'm actually not that good at 2K, so [laughs] I got a lot of work to do. They're a lot better than I am.

B/R: Do your teammates go online to check their ratings to see how they stack up against their peers?

SC: Yeah. It's actually cool how they released them this year on Twitter to get the whole rollout, to see where you fall. Some guys get upset; some guys get real hyped about it. It's kind of funny that people notice obviously that "Hey, that guy can shoot with that 98-plus attribute on the game" and high-flyers and all that kind of stuff.

B/R: If you were to start a 2K16 franchise right now, who would you want on your team as your starting five?

SC: Shoot. This is obviously biased. Hypothetical. My squad, my five starters. We got like a 65-and-something record this year. So, that's hard to beat. I don't care what fantasy squad you put together, that's hard to beat, so I'll roll with us. I might change up the jerseys or something, but I'll keep my roster.

B/R: Your wife, Ayesha, posted the video of you singing Phil Collins' "In the Air Tonight" the other day. Is there a song you'd like on the 2K16 soundtrack that might get you pumped up when you're shooting around?

CS: [laughs] My favorite artist is Lecrae. He had the album come out just last year. He has a song called "Say I Won't" that I listen to in the car on the way to games and stuff like that. Put that in the game, that'd be like in baseball, when you have your walk-up music, that would be mine. Either after I make a three or something like that, that would be my song.

B/R: Hypothetically again, if you did a two-on-two simulation in the game: you and Seth Curry versus Steve Kerr and your pops. Who wins? What's the final score? 

CS: Oh, the young guys. Me and Seth. I'll give them one. 10-1. My pops can shoot. Coach Kerr can shoot. They might get lucky and get a stop and then knock one down, but that's it.

B/R: Would you say it's a dream or hope of yours to be on the cover of 2K Golf alongside Jordan Spieth?

SC: Yes! Under Armour. 2K Golf with Spieth. That would be something special. That's obviously my second hobby off the basketball court. It's my second love. I would look forward to that.


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