History Does Not Lie: San Diego Chargers Will Dominate Oakland Raiders on MNF

Al's WingmanAnalyst ISeptember 9, 2009

It's a sad day when your team has not improved one iota since Sep. 11, 2006.  On that day, Art Shell's second debut as head coach careened into a brick wall with a 27-0 smackdown at home against a dominating Charger team.

If you saw that game, you may recall not only was the Charger defense a beast, the Oakland O-line may has well been standing still.  Aaron Brooks looked as bewildered as the subdued Raider Nation in the stands.  For their part, the Chargers offense ran all night at will against a very feeble Raider defense.

We can say, well, the Chargers ran amok thanks to  LT.  He always finds a way against Oakland.  Or we can look at reality and admit, nothing seriously notable or substantial has been done to improve the run defense since that unbelievably embarrassing MNF matchup.

Knuckleheads waving the John Marshall banner, have another hot dog.

Also, if you recall there was a whole lot of wasted energy displayed before the game by fans expecting a better performance.  The Raider Nation was pumped up and honestly believed they had a chance.  They laid out whatever cash to be part of the excitement.  A night game is a rare event at Oakland Coliseum, so the place was packed.

The feeling of despair and dread that night after it became apparent  how horrible the franchise had sunk was unbelievable.  Today, some three years later, there are just a smattering of optimistic fans who believe change has arrived.  Why not, it’s a new season with lots of unknowns.  But this would just be fantasy.  The reality is Al Davis is once again showing us how inferior his leadership of the franchise is by fielding a half-baked defense.

The run defense is the problem that needed fixing back at that fateful Sep. 11, 2006 game that Al Davis thinks he can fix overnight in 2009 by trading for Richard Seymour at the 11th hour of this season’s opening MNF matchup.

Knuckleheads waving the Richard Seymour banner, have another hot dog.

Why trade for a pro bowl DE at this stage?  Desperation perhaps?

Plenty of DEs have been drafted since 2006, some have been marginally successful.  None have made a lasting difference.  Also, not a single DT has been drafted by Oakland since 2005 (Anttaj Hawthorne, sixth round).

We can always refer to free agency and trades to prove or disprove whatever point, but the bottom line is the lack of run defense problem has not been addressed properly by Oakland.

Raiders fans and non-Raider fans can all agree the Oakland defense has been abysmal against the run.  There is no reason to believe it is going to change come Monday night, with or without Richard Seymour.


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