10 Reasons the Minnesota Vikings Will Not Win the Division

Taylor LunemannCorrespondent ISeptember 9, 2009

MINNEAPOLIS - SEPTEMBER 14:  Minnesota Vikings head coach Brad Childress looks on from the sideline during the game against the Indianapolis Colts at the Metrodome on September 14, 2008 in Minneapolis, Minnesota. The Colts defeated the Vikings 18-15.  (Photo by Jeff Gross/Getty Images)

Ten Reasons the Minnesota Vikings Will Not Win the Division

1. Brett Favre.

Everyone is raving about how good Favre will be this year. I really do not see why. The man is basically 60 years old, has played in many games throughout his career, it is not an ideal situation for an old man to be in.

He did not attend any of the camp this year, and has been throwing to high school receivers this summer. That might actually hurt my argument because the high school players and Vikings’ receivers are at about the same level.

2. The wide receivers on the Vikings are sub par.

Favre has enjoyed having many good, reliable receivers on his team through the years. None of the Vikings ones are of their caliber. Bernard Berrian can only catch the long ball, Sidney Rice is a huge underachiever, Bobby Wade is irrelevant, and Percy Harvin is a rookie. Harvin is about the only spot with upside in the core, but I do not see him stepping up and catching big passes on third down to keep drives moving.

3. The Vikings have a tendency to give up, especially when on the road.

How often does this team have big come from behind wins? Never? They rely on their great running game to power through and keep the ball in their hands. If they fall behind, they will be forced to move the ball through the air, which has not been successful in recent years.

4. Penalties.

This team gets a ridiculous amount of penalties, it seems like there is any big play that could change the course of the game, there is a holding call, or stupid pass interference. The team will have to get over that if they expect to be successful.

5. Adrian Peterson thinks he is playing basketball.

He fumbled way too much last season. At times he was basically dribbling the football because he would fumble it and fortunately it would come back to him. I am sure the coaches and AP addressed that in the offseason and it will not be as big of a problem, but it is still an issue.

6. The special teams are vulnerable to big play makers.

Players like Reggie Bush and Devin Hester are simply too much for them. They plan all week to shut them down and they are still able to beat them over and over again. It is disgusting to watch as the players take wrong angles or get juked out.

7. Brad Childress.

I have watched him fail over and over again. Why would I expect anything but failure out of him at this point. The good thing is, Tarvaris Jackson is out of the picture, for now. Childress has kept a team with the potential and talent for greatness mediocre for many years now. The set up is much better now, but my bet is he fails yet again.

8. Their defense can't tackle.

The Vikes enjoy having EJ Henderson back, which will drastically help the squad. However, the Vikings just simply can't seem to take quarterbacks down and end up giving them all the time in the world.

Part of this is the coaches faults, for blitzing in wrong situations, but seeing blitzing linebackers fly at the quarterback just to watch him take one tiny step either way and dodge them is unacceptable. Jared Allen is the only legitimate threat to get sacks.

Kevin Williams will get his, but he is primarily there to clog up the middle. Even immobile quarterbacks are able to evade them and scramble for a first down or find the open receiver. It definitely does not help the defensive backs who take the heat for it.

9. Minnesota franchises go out of their way to disappoint fans.

When is the last time any MN fan was proud of their franchise for the team’s accomplishments? Maybe five years ago when the Twins were relatively successful in the playoffs? It is a reoccurring trend that Minnesota franchises provide false hope to their fans.

Much like this year, everyone is predicting the Vikings to be a Super Bowl contender. I am not buying into the hype, it's just not worth it.

10. They won't get so lucky this year.

The Vikings should have lost to the Lions and the Saints last year but got bailed out by two very questionable calls by the referees. Both calls put them in field goal range and Ryan Longwell nailed both for the wins.

Now after reading this article you must think I am a big Green Bay fan. Well, I am not. I love the Minnesota Vikings, they are my favorite team, but seeing everyone make all these wild predictions about them are just ridiculous. Sometimes I wonder if they have ever watched a Vikings game.

I hope my predictions are wrong, I really do. I am not very optimistic about the Viking’s season, but at least I am staying within the realm of possibility.


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