Bleacher Report Debate: Brady Quinn vs. Derek Anderson

General PeppersCorrespondent ISeptember 7, 2009

CLEVELAND - AUGUST 29:  Brady Quinn #10 of the Cleveland Browns passes to a receiver against the Tennessee Titans at Cleveland Browns Stadium on August 29, 2009 in Cleveland, Ohio.  (Photo by Matt Sullivan/Getty Images)

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With the Browns seemingly in rebuilding mode, what makes Derek Anderson the right QB for the job?

Some may argue that they are in the rebuilding mode, but this is the same team minus the good driver, Dante Stallworth, and the Kellen "I'm a Soldier" Winslow. Also, this is the same team that Derek Anderson propelled with his Pro Bowl year throwing 29 touchdowns. Last year the Browns were plagued with offensive line injuries, and the line has been enhanced with the addition of center Alex Mack. With number wide receiver Braylon Edwards, who forgot to tak his 5 Hr. Energy last season, who thrives on the deep ball is best suited for the team to maximize the offense. This is not a rebuilding team, but a team that can regain it's 2007 form, which Derek Anderson excelled to the playoffs.

With the Browns seemingly in rebuilding mode, what makes Brady Quinn the right QB for the job?

What makes Brady Quinn the right man for the job is a tale of two stories. On one hand, potential leads the way for a team rebuilding. As we've seen this pre-season, not only has Quinn put up better numbers, but the team rallies around him more potently. He's someone the team can grow with. We haven't seen his max potential while we've seen the limit of Derek Anderson's ability. If you're going to keep both QBs, the Browns fans and organization need to see what he can do.

Secondly, without Dante Stallowrth, this is no longer a deep ball team. Braylon Edwards has deep ball capability but this offense is based off the run and playaction pass. With the addition of possession WRs such as Mossaquai and Robiskie, this team is not looking to score quickly, but instead, they plan on driving down the field and wearing down on defenses. The routes for this type of offense require quick passes and mid range accuracy off of playaction. Both of these throws favor the talents Brady Quinn showed off with his time at Notre Dame.

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With Browns fans clamoring for hometown hero Quinn to win the job, and with ticket sales down across the country, what benefits does Derek Anderson bring to a team that has seemingly no shot at playoff contention this year?

True, fans do want to give the first round selection, Brady Quinn, a full shot and the fans do still have the bitter taste of what Derek Anderson left them with in 2008. How do you boost ticket sales and regain the fans faith? Winning. What quarterback gives them the best chance to win, Derek Anderson. Mangini will look to utilize the same style of play as he did in New York: grind the defense down and hit them hard with playaction, which Derek Anderson can maximize with his arm. How many Pro Bowls has Brady Quinn gone to? How many 200 plus yard games has he thrown against teams not named the Broncos? This team can battle for the wild card as long as the offensive line stays healthy and the defense anchored by Shaun Rogers and Eric Wright in the secondary remains consistent.

With Derek Anderson's draft stock only plummeting, why should he not start to potentially raise his value and give the Browns draft options and open up their team to the "future" in Quinn?

Well this is a major problem for the Browns organization. In 2007, after Derek Anderson's stellar breakout season, the Browns had offers for both Quinn and Anderson and could have packaged either one for draft picks to further build their fledgling team. Alas, they royally screwed it up by keeping both. But now is not the time to try and remedy such a malady.

As we discussed earlier, they are in a rebuilding mindset. Rebuilding teams rarely make it into the playoffs without serious help as we saw with the Falcons and the Dolphins last year. The Browns have neither a powerful running back, a dominating offense line, a swarming defense, nor the requisite coaching staff required for such a turn around. Derek Anderson's abilities were favorable for the previous offense. But as we've seen with the rest of the Belichick offspring, they do not follow his coaching tendencies nor do they possess his coaching prowess.

Last Question

With Brady Quinn's superior preseason and an Ohio fanbase larger than former mentor Charlies Weis' ever-growing gullet, what has Derek Anderson done to prove to new head coach Eric Mangini that he deserves the spot?

Outside of Mangini witnessing Anderson raise his team to a win over his Jets in 2007, which happened to be his Pro Bowl year, he has not done much to separate himself from Mr. EAS Myoplex this preseason. As you previously alluded to about the Belichick tree, Weis finely tuned Quinn to every pass under 2.5 yeards from bubble screens to slip screens. Mangini has never trusted proven Quarterbacks as he did not with Chad Pennington, and she should learn from his previous mistake and take the proven Pro Bowler over the limited Quinn.

last question

6. The Browns granted Derek Anderson a substantial contract, so why should he not be allowed to maximize the Pro Bowl abilities he has previously shown?

Ah, you once again show your lack of knowledge towards God's team. You don't break every Notre Dame record with only screens. You also seem to forget that screens involve speedy WR who can turn the short pass into long gains. Jeff Samardzija is a pitcher. Those guys are like the anti-Usain Bolt

But moving on...

The Browns have buried themselves. Deeply. Not giving Quinn a time to shine now would simply dig their hole deep enough to fit Charlies Weis into it. You can't let potential go without letting it spread it's wings. We've seen Derek Anderson's best. It wasn't enough. Derek Anderson is the once hot girlfriend who's given up wearing makeup and lost most of her luster. Brady Quinn is the artsy chick with paint stains and fantastic features. You don't lead the pretty girl on and then punch the pretty girl in the face...unless you're Shawne Merriman that is...or Chris Brown.

I could do this all day but alas we must keep this brief.


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