Oakland Raiders Twists, Turns, Tests: Help Is On The Way

Honor Warren Wells TheTorch@dbintayaelSenior Writer IISeptember 2, 2009

Folks used to say, "There is more than one way to skin a cat." Nowadays, the SPCA would condemn someone for saying that, especially if he is a professional athlete.

Animal cruelty, they would chant while they carry their homemade banners with red paint sprayed on them, saying, "Down with the cat-skinners!"

The meaning of the old saying is intended to tell us that the road to success can take on many different paths. Success can be preceded by losing a few battles. It does not mean, however, that the war will be lost.

I take time to read B/R articles on my breaks. The commentary on the Oakland Raiders is flavored up with "sugar and spice and everything nice." I look for the sugar, spice, and the nice things.

Conversely, some articles are spiced with Chinese, frutenscens and Tabasco Peppers. These articles are so spicy they bring the toughest Raider Nation fans to tears, with noses running, and sniffles.

I continue to have faith. After all, it is still the preseason. Things can change. There are no perfect indicators or predictors. A confidence interval is usually always identified in a good statistical study.

So, let's employ the use of a "confidence interval" in characterizing or predicting the 2009 season.

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I will be honest with you. There are some senior players who are pulling for the Oakland Raiders. They are in the range of 65-years-old and older.

The lives of these players have had "twists and turns." It's amazing that they are still around.

When you visit them, they are likely to perk up remembering their days with the Raiders.

One reader mentioned that "soul" was somehow see-able in my articles. If you want to have your soul touched, then, if chance permits, go talk to a senior Raider, and watch the joy in his eyes when he talks about those last minute victories during earlier eras.

In a creative way, the relationship between some of the senior Oakland Raiders and the present Oakland Raiders is "symbiotic."

Some of the seniors have had light and darkness in their lives, and twists and turns in their journey.

Some of them have also had their hopes and visions clouded by naysayers, those who lost faith in them, and do not believe they can be redeemed, restored, and set on an upward path.

One of the seniors that I know would not answer me last year when I asked him how he felt the Oakland Raiders performed in 2008. My perceptions may have been off, but I thought I saw pain in his eyes. But, although I saw pain, I saw power and strength when he stared at me, straight into my eyes.

He did not speak. The communication was nonverbal. Then he mumbled, for he is always soft-spoken now that he is in his senior years. He almost whispered, the Oakland Raiders are going to be just fine.

His statement was one of faith, of hope, of expectations, of last minute, or last second victories like those miraculous ones in the earlier era of Oakland Raider history.

My visits to see the senior player to gather research data, and to encourage him took place from February 2007 to December 12, 2008. The senior Oakland Raider and his peers are a part of the inspiration for my new venture, sports writing.

Why do I continue to pull for the Oakland Raiders?

I am pulling for an outstanding 2009 season because I know, in my heart, that it will encourage some of the senior Oakland Raiders who believe in the young men.

Their belief in their team may be helping to keep them alive. Furthermore, something is keeping me on the road of research and sports writing, filled with twists and turns, but somehow I see the light at the end of the road that is in a tunnel.

So, let's cheer the current Oakland Raiders to victory because in some strange way we are, symbiotically, cheering the senior Oakland Raiders to hang in there, don't give up, hold on 'cause help (hope) is on the way.

The desire of our heart and soul is victory, Oakland Raiders!


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