Mitt Romney Will Fight Evander Holyfield in Charity Boxing Match

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You may remember Mitt Romney from the 2012 presidential election.

He was the rich guy, largely painted as out-of-touch and about as fun and interesting as none pizza with right beef.

But like so many other American political figures, we tend to grow fonder of them when they're acting human and not actively peddling an agenda to the public. Thus we have the Romney Renaissance, a weird period in recent months where the former GOP presidential candidate has gone from presumed water polo spectator to dude you might actually invite to the barbecue.

It started with Romney filling out a baller bracket for the 2015 NCAA tournament, and unfortunately, it will probably end Friday night when the former governor of Massachusetts fights Evander Holyfield in a charity boxing match in Utah.

New York Times Magazine's Mark Leibovich interviewed Romney about the bout, which will raise money for CharityVision, a nonprofit organization that performs eye surgeries on those with sight disabilities in developing countries.

This is really happening.

Update May 15

Mitt Romney's corner throws in the towel! Holyfield wins! Here are some highlights from the fight, via Jody Genessy:

Jody Genessy @DJJazzyJody

Mitt Romney has Evander Holyfield on the ropes! https://t.co/c518oI5cfE

Jody Genessy @DJJazzyJody

Mitt Romney with a blast! Down goes Holyfield! Down goes Holyfield! https://t.co/zg7PasYWvk

Jody Genessy @DJJazzyJody

Mitt Romney with the quick escape after knocking down Evander Holyfield. Mitt was saved by the white towel. https://t.co/WvoqXTRJrt

--End of Update--

 They had a weigh-in Thursday night:

Rick Bowmer/Associated Press

Rick Bowmer/Associated Press

The two sparred a little bit before the fight, via Stefan Becket of Mic.com:

Stefan Becket @becket

What planet am I on https://t.co/EizTbiruSG

According to Leibovich, Romney is just hoping to survive the three-round bout without being reduced to cottage cheese. He says he's going to stay away from Holyfield's ears in an attempt to lower the chances of the former heavyweight champ having some sort of angry flashback.

"I will get in Evander's face with compliments and good humor," Romney said, adding, "I'm staying far away from his ears. I don't for a moment want him to confuse me with anyone from his past."

Will Romney wear boxing trunks for this fight? He says yes, despite his cornstalk features.

"I was affectionately known as 'Bird Legs' during high school,” Romney said. "I'm afraid the bird legs will be unveiled one more time. … My son has procured a red silk robe complete with hood. And I'll have red silk shorts."

Romney told Leibovich he'll probably walk out to the ring to "I Will Survive."

Experts are already predicting that no matter how easy (or not easy) Holyfield takes it on Romney, the fight will be 1,000 times more entertaining than the Mayweather-Pacquiao fight.


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