College Football Predictions: Baby's Losers for the First Saturday in September

BabyTateSenior Writer IAugust 31, 2009

Back for the second year in a row on Bleacher Report is the weekly series Baby's Losers.

The vast majority of college football predictions concern who will be the winner on any given Saturday. Let us look at it from the opposite standpoint of who will be the loser and why.

The rules are presented in the following paragraphs. For the "pros" in their second year, suffice to say they are the same as last season with one difference.

The difference is the addition of a ninth game each week. This contest will be known as "Saturday's Tough One" and will be listed prior to the Game of the Week.

"Saturday's Tough One" will focus on a game of little notoriety but will demand all the knowledge of prognosticators to analyze and project the loser. Can you say obscure?

Each Monday there will be a listing of the following Saturday's contests. Yours truly will project the losers.

Readers are invited to make their own picks and compete against not only the host but all others bold enough to put their thoughts in writing.

No need for shyness; we are all in this together as the Bleacher Report family. 

Each week, a tracking of how well all competitors are doing will be listed, along with the next Saturday's contests. 

All games will be the Saturday games, so your projections are due by midnight on Friday evenings. Let's agree to midnight in New York City; that makes it simple for everyone.

The only exception to the Saturday game rule is the special week of Thanksgiving, where all predictions have to be in by Wednesday night due to the number of holiday contests.

Naturally, contestants will be reminded and advised when that time comes.

In 2008, the powerfully knowledgeable Alabama fan "12" broke to the front early and won the regular season title. It was a close race with several Bleacher Report members breathing down his neck the entire season.

Not to worry, at the end of the regular season we declare a champion, throw out the records, and begin anew with the College Bowl Losers Special, which lasts almost an entire month!

Everyone is welcome to participate. Just write down what you think and let us keep score. Your losers will be found no matter where they are in the article.

                                                       BABY'S LOSERS

1. LSU @ Washington

LSU did not respond well last season to the defense of their 2007 BCS Title. The Tigers opened the 2004 and 2005 seasons with tight wins over Pac-10 opponents. In Seattle, this game will be closer than it looks.

Baby's Loser: Washington.

2. Nevada @ Notre Dame

The Wolf Pack has a decided advantage in coaching with Hall of Fame member Chris Ault going against the beleaguered Irish headman Charlie Weis. Could be the upset special of the week, perhaps decided by home-field advantage.

Baby's Loser: Nevada.

3. Georgia @ Oklahoma State

The Bulldogs venture into Stillwater with a new quarterback to replace the first player taken in the professional football draft last spring. Look out!

Baby's Loser: Georgia.

4. Illinois vs. Missouri in St. Louis

The Tigers have won four straight in this neighborhood brawl, but that comes to an end against the more experienced Illini of coach Ron Zook.

Baby's Loser: Missouri.

5. Minnesota @ Syracuse

Former Duke basketball point guard Greg Paulus will be the starting quarterback of the Orange. Minnesota could be the surprise team of the season.

Baby's Loser: Syracuse.

6. Oklahoma vs. Brigham Young in Dallas

The new home of the Cotton Bowl has breathtaking surroundings. However, the offensive explosion that could take place between these two squads may break the new scoreboard.

Baby's Loser: Brigham Young.

7. The Navy @ Ohio State

The Midshipmen will perform heroically as usual, but they are in over their heads against the powerful Buckeye express.

Baby's Loser: The Navy.

                                               SATURDAY'S TOUGH ONE

8. Buffalo @ Texas-El Paso

Coach Mike Price of the Miners believes he is laying a desert trap for Turner Gill's Bulls, fresh off Buffalo's bowl appearance and MAC Championship of last year.

In an intense and tight battle, Baby's Loser: Buffalo.

                                                  GAME OF THE WEEK

9. Alabama vs. Virginia Tech in Atlanta

Hokie, Hokie Hi, we're the Gobblers of VPI! A clash at the Peach Bowl between teams from last season's Orange and Sugar Bowls.

The ACC champs seem to have everything in their favor—everything except...Mt. Cody!

Baby's Loser: Virginia Tech.

The 11 Best 11s

1. Texas

2. Florida

3. California

4. Ohio State

5. Oklahoma

6. Southern California

7. Louisiana State

8. Alabama

9. Virginia Tech

10. Penn State

11. Boise State

On The Porch: Ga Tech, Southern Miss, Ole Miss, Oklahoma State, Notre Dame


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