Oakland Raider Fans, No need to panic...yet

Al's WingmanAnalyst IAugust 30, 2009

Just because the Saints preseason game brought the Raiders to the same low as parts of the last few seasons, that doesn't mean it will happen every game.

Look at this way: Sean Payton and the Saints have the Raiders' number. They clobbered the Raiders last season and they know how to execute against a generic Raiders defense.

If you think Defensive Coordinator John Marshall was going to pull out the stops, put any wrinkles in the game plan to show on film, that would have been a mistaken expectation.  They went with a base defense or vanilla, take your pick.

Contrary to hick analysis on BR, the Raiders offense is not high flying. In fact, they did not even convert any third downs until Jeff Garcia went into the game.

The Raiders offense is inconsistent, more inexperienced than not, a little less capable in key areas such as the passing game right now. To counter that, if they ran all day that would expose the weaknesses of the offensive line. There is no way the lard duffs on the offensive line have the game conditioning to run all day. Not in the heat, not any time really.

Here are some bottom lines to be taken into consideration:

1.  If your offense does not make first downs or turns the ball over, your defense is forced to be on the field longer.  In the heat, with little depth, bad tackling. It's a recipe to make the defense look worse than they already are.

2. Despite the hammering on the scoreboard, it would have been prudent for Tom Cable to be conservative in this game anyway. The reason is Sean Payton is no stranger to how to beat an Al Davis defense. He has a blueprint for it. You don't want other teams to watch the game film and get good ideas what to expect in the regular season.

3.  Al Davis must take full responsibility for bad personnel planning in staffing the defensive line. They got very lucky with a rookie free agent signing in Desmond Bryant who just might be the best they have right now. Tommy Kelly is pretty much a joke, worse than Terdell Sands who seems to be on his way out the door.

Hey Al, would it have hurt your ego that bad to suck this one up and face the fact Kelly is not the answer to be a sack leader or quality run stopper?  You said it yourself, you gave "the money" to Tommy Kelly and not Derrick Burgess. That was your power play to show Burgess up and this is what drove Burgess to hold out of camp. 

Yea, they play different positions but the defense needs a leader, a sack master. You invest in your best player. Ok, Burgess gets hurt a lot but you took a chance giving “the money” to Kelly who hasn’t even proven himself yet and was coming off injury.

You have given money away before so chalk Kelly up as yet another of your bad personnel decisions. You needed more than one DT or free agent in the draft who can play like winners. You need to stop the run, pressure the QB and you are not going to do it with a lame defensive front and no depth at linebacker.


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