How Premier League Stars Look as 'Game of Thrones' Characters

Ryan Bailey@ryanjaybaileyFeatured ColumnistApril 9, 2015


Unless you are living under a rock that does not have Internet access, you will be aware that Game of Thrones returns to screens this Sunday—and it's generating plenty of excitement. Social media hasn't been this feverish about legendary creatures from warring factions battling one another since the last time Cristiano Ronaldo and Lionel Messi were on the same pitch. 

To whet the appetites of football fans, the handsome devils at KICK TV put together a GoT-themed animation showing the stadia of the Premier League's biggest Champions League competitors...

David @PurdyDavid

"Sign the contract or I, Brendan of House Liverpool, sentence you to die" @KICKTV #EPLofThrones #GameOfThrones http://t.co/QhWO9u6kdW

KICK also staged a competition to create the best Photoshops combining the English top flight and the weird and wonderful worlds of Westeros and Essos. As you can see, some of the #EPLofThrones entries have been quite spectacular...

Mikko Toivonen @minieerikki

#KaneOfThrones spot all managers trying to lure Harrynerys from House Spurseryen #EPLofThrones @kicktv @hbo #GoT http://t.co/Ryhi9xd0ZA

Drew @DeeAFC

Santirion Lannister & Bronzil, The dream team #EPLofThrones @KICKTV @GameOfThrones http://t.co/MoV2G3CfNS

Chris @boompareboom

@KICKTV Game of Costa LOL #EPLofThrones http://t.co/MwDoCWCv0V

Chris @boompareboom

@KICKTV In Mourinho We Trust #EPLofThrones http://t.co/rg6G4a2knv

kmPorter @importerxporter

You Know Nothing Jon Stones @KICKTV #EPLofThrones #GoT http://t.co/TwAitkjW83

Maverick @TylerAndTheThud

@KICKTV @HBO Juan Stark. The King in the North-West Derby. #EPLofThrones http://t.co/N8JKQNK7R2

Blue Vesparado @wtfismikeplayin

@KICKTV Ginge of Dorne, Defender of the West Ham honor and keep #EPLofThrones http://t.co/0K2nLMCOV1

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Ryan @rsaltus21

@KICKTV @GameOfThrones @HBO Liverpool poised on the brink of war with their hot-headed weapon. http://t.co/nI7TA08gIS

Ryan @rsaltus21

@KICKTV The Marountain #Fellaini http://t.co/sHGT3vDMqw

B Larsen | Arsenal | Celtics @BLarsenAFC1886

.@KICKTV @HBO Well, @19SCazorla can't take anything seriously... #EPLofThrones http://t.co/FB5K7LMDT4



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