10 Games You Have to Play in 2015

Giancarlo Ferrari-King@@GiancarloKingFeatured ColumnistMarch 13, 2015

10 Games You Have to Play in 2015

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    In most parts of the country, the good weather is finally starting to roll in. Outside of the good people in California, Florida and other sunny states, it's been a brutal, chilling, awful winter.

    As those lucky folks who didn't have to deal with freezing temperatures and mounds of snow will tell you, enjoying the outdoors is what it's all about.

    Besides consuming sports with our eyes, there are plenty of games we can play to get our blood flowing. Checking out some of the best ones on the market right now, we've composed a list of 10 games you have to try in 2015.

    If you have played any of these or have a few you'd like to add to the list, drop them in the comment section below.

The Original Hockey Sauce Kit

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    The Original Hockey Sauce Kit is a bold and inventive take on a game we've known about for years.

    Since there are few things as fun as ripping a puck or ball into a hockey net, why not make a game out of it that doesn't involve ice or skates?

    What The Original Hockey Sauce Kit does is give you everything you need to take your free-wielding puck experience into a different galaxy. It consists of two slick panels that act as your ice, two nets and some saucy pucks to get started.

    There are plenty ways to get down with the Sauce Kit. For starters, you can enjoy a classic scoring system that is similar to cornhole. Certain sauces are worth one point while others are worth three. Set a final score people or teams must reach and there you have it.

    Another way of putting your Sauce Kit to good use is by playing a game of follow the leader or flat-out seeing who can hit the most ridiculous shots.

    Few games out there on the market match the pure joy you get from The Original Hockey Sauce Kit.


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    Watching the YouTube clip above, one would think that Speedminton is an intimidating endeavor. When you see human beings smash a shuttlecock that fast, it can muster up feelings of anxiety for those of us who aren't that physically gifted.

    But fear not, Speedminton is actually a game for all sorts of people. Not counting the ludicrous shots and moves we saw displayed in the promotional video, this game isn't too challenging. It requires basic hand-eye coordination and the ability to move around.

    Growing up, badminton was a game that was readily available to us thanks to our local drug and toy stores. Think of Speedminton as badminton on steroids. It's a faster, more aggressive version of that longstanding classic.

    Play it on any surface and you're able to enjoy all of the distinct pleasures this game has to offer. You can buy basic kits or advanced ones depending on your skill set. Either way, Speedminton is definitely a must-play game this year.


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    KanJam is one of those games that hit the shelves and almost instantly became a cult classic.

    The concept behind the game goes a little something like this: Two teams consisting of two players try to rack up points any way they can. As you can see watching the official rules video posted above this blurb, the game can get all sorts of crazy.

    Jamming a Frisbee is a genius concept, and the fact these cans are portable makes any surface viable for some KanJam fun.

    Backyards, beaches, even driveways can be morphed into a KanJam court. Even though the game is played in pairs of two, there's nothing quite like hosting a tournament to decide who is king of the KanJam castle.


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    In the '90s we had Hacky Sack, a game where fans of Pearl Jam would stand around in a circle and volley a small ball covered in threads and stuffed with beads.

    When Hacky Sack started to fall out of the good graces of popular culture, it was just a matter of time before we get a modern-day replacement.

    Spikeball has filled that void.

    Standing around a net that sits on the ground, the goal of Spikeball is simple: Spike the ball into the mesh netting with a group of friends and have fun doing it.

    You can play with teams and keep score, or you can simply try to make sure the ball doesn't hit the ground. Usually played on a soft surface—so that you can air out and perform some spell-binding maneuversSpikeball is a game that never gets old.

    Like all games, you can push the limits of your creativity and even set new rules along the way. No matter how you play, Spikeball is a must for anyone looking to having a good time outdoors in 2015.

Ladder Golf

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    Don't have time to hit the links or driving range? No worries. Ladder golf has got you covered.

    A versatile game that can be purchased or built from scratch, you can cherish ladder golf indoors or outside. As the Zappos video above explains, it's easy to play and keep score.

    Simplicity truly is key when creating a perfect game. Ladder golf is proof of that.


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    BasketPong exists because, here in the United States of America, we love to push things to the brink.

    As if traditional beer pong wasn't enough, BasketPong came along and shook up the world. You can play with any liquid—it doesn't have to be beer. Regardless of what you use, this game is a great way to fire up the competitive engines and talk a whole lot of trash along the way.

    BasketPong revolves around two faux hoops loaded with party cups. Each team stands by their hoop and proceeds to fling Ping-Pong balls at the opposite one. The first team to destroy all of their opponent's cups wins.

    Since this has a basketball theme to it, feel free to pretend to be your favorite '90s or current-day NBA stars. Again, the more smack you talk, the better the game becomes.


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    According to the NBC Nightly News segment above, pickleball is one of the fastest-growing sports in the United States. And for good reason, too. The game is incredibly fun to play.

    A hybrid of tennis and badminton, pickleball is played on a small court with a whiffle ball. The results of that combo are flawless fun for everyone. Kids, adults, even the elderly have what it takes to become the Pete Sampras of the pickleball circuit.

    People looking for something appealing to do besides cash out on Xbox Live or play basketball every day should heavily consider getting down with this movement. Pickleball will get your heart rate pumping and your competitive spirit jumping.

Disc Golf

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    On Seinfeld, George Costanza called it "frolf." This game can also be called disc golf.

    Disc golf is exactly how it sounds. It's golf with a Frisbee. No heavy clubs or anything like that. This sport is strictly about you and your ability to accurately launch a Frisbee at a freestanding target—as seen in the video above.

    Courses all over the world have popped up in order to accommodate the disc golf way of life. There's even a website—DGCourseReview.com—dedicated to analyzing and reviewing all of the courses out there.

    Laugh it up if you want, but disc golf is a sport that's not only entertaining, but it's good for you, too. You can play in the woods or on a chunk of open grass. Unlike regular golf, disc golf shows no prejudice to the elements Mother Nature has bestowed upon us.

    If you don't have time to actually hit an official course, you can go out and create your own with friends. The lesson here is basic: Don't let anyone stop you from enjoying the wonderful world of frolf.


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    A concoction of bocce and horseshoes, Rollors is a new take on your traditional "get the ball closest to the pin"-type of game.

    Similar to a lot of the games we've already seen, Rollors can be played just about anywhere.

    Like the narrator in the video described, luck is also involved in this particular game. That means your mother can step out on the court and humiliate you.

    If you are sick of bocce or just want a new challenge in life, Rollors is the way to go.


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    Ending this list with cornhole is fitting way to pay tribute to one of the best backyard games of all time.

    Another toss-type of game, cornhole is something we've all probably played at least once by now. For those people who still haven't gotten out and tossed a few beanbags around, shame on you. You really are missing out.

    Since the cornhole revolution got started, organizations have been formed and multiple companies have gone out and sold boards in order to fill the needs of every consumer.

    With all the games you've seen on this list, you could even save cornhole for a cool summer night. Campfires, the smell of crisp barbecue and a little cornhole is a perfect way to celebrate you're time off.