A Call Out To All Season Ticket Holders From All Teams

Steven FennerCorrespondent IAugust 17, 2009

This article is for all you season ticket holders around the league. We all know the great joy of attending our favorite team live. Taking in all the sites, sounds, and of course the smell of great tailgating.

If you are like me, you remember your first pro football game like it was yesterday; the excitement you felt the night, days, and even weeks before when you found out you were going to get to go.

With that memory in my head, each year I think of the boys and girls that don't/won't get to go due to circumstances not of their own making, combined with the rising costs of attending a professional game.

A few years ago I started to give my preseason tickets away with the stipulation that a child be taken that had never been, and would likely not ever get to go due to family finances.

Here we are in 2009, and I'm getting ready to drop off my tickets, like in years past, and it got me to thinking. Why not donate a regular season game?

Why not get as many people as possible to donate just one game from their season? Are we that selfish as fans that we couldn't just watch at home for one regular season game?

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I honestly know nothing about forming a charity, and maybe one already exists, but I would love to see if we, as true NFL fans, could pull this off. Just think of the joy you could bring to a kids face.

I am openly asking for ideas on how to go about this, and would love to hear any you fellow fans might have.

Even if we can't get it set up, I hope I have at least gotten some of you to think about it and consider giving up just one game.