The Pros and Cons of Triple H vs. Sting at WrestleMania 31

Tom Clark@tomclarkbrFeatured ColumnistFebruary 25, 2015

Sting and Triple H
Sting and Triple Hcredit: wwe.com

Triple H versus Sting is not exactly the dream match that many fans have spent a virtual lifetime waiting to see, but it's the one they're getting on March 29.  That is the night when The Game and The Icon will step into the ring and wage war on the WrestleMania stage.  Every story has two sides, of course, and the fact is there are definite pros and cons of these two legends facing off.

On one hand, fans would be crazy to not want this match to happen.

This is a meeting that has never occurred before and one that will likely never happen again.  This is The Cerebral Assassin, Vince McMahon's right-hand man, lacing up the boots to work the star at the forefront of the company that tried to take WWE down.  

This match would have done phenomenal business during The Attitude Era; a clash of two pro wrestling powerhouses with bragging rights for life.  A Sting defection to WWE during that time would have been the most epic moment of the decade, besting any that fans of either company had ever seen to that point.

That moment is happening right now.  The fact that Sting has never performed in a WWE ring only sweetens the deal.

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And if Sting goes over at Mania, it could bring about the final end of The Authority.  Sting has been a thorn in Hunter's side since Survivor Series in 2014 and if The Game cannot dispose of him, then where does that leave his corporate power structure?  They could very well turn on him and disband, never to reform again.

No matter what the outcome may be, how can anyone deny these two men will deliver at Mania? This is a great example of two industry legends going at it, giving the crowd a show and entertaining as only they can do.  Both Hunter and Sting have been part of many historic pro wrestling matches over the years, and they know what it means to step up and shine.  They will give everything they have to ensure that this one not only comes off without a hitch, but that fans are talking about it for years to come.

The bottom line is Sting is one of the good guys.  In an industry filled with one sad tale of reckless behavior after another, Sting is the one man who kept his nose clean.  He's always been an old-school guy who is company first and company last, giving his best effort every time he steps into the ring. There can arguably be no better ambassador for the business to the rest of the world than Sting.

And he deserves a top-notch WrestleMania moment, not only for himself, but for the legion of fans that have supported him along the way.

But there is a definite downside to this match.

The fact is that Sting versus Triple H does nothing for the next generation.  On a night that has seen legends created and legacies born, this match does neither of those things.  Sting and Hunter are both past their primes, and this match is basically 10 years too late.  There is no long-term impact, no evolutionary moment for WWE in this bout; this is a payday, pure and simple.

This is WWE capitalizing on the star power that Sting's name still holds with longtime fans and using him on a platform that can best make money for them.  While there's nothing inherently wrong with that, the truth is Sting is being booked in a throwaway match with a guy who's not even full-time anymore.

Why wasn't Bray Wyatt or Seth Rollins used in this spot?  Did it have to be Triple H?  What does WWE stand to gain from a storyline perspective by featuring this match at WrestleMania?  Sting's presence at the Survivor Series ultimately did not guarantee a total Authority defeat, so why would that change now?

And if a full-time Superstar was not an option for Sting, why in the world wasn't The Undertaker used? He is the most obvious choice, one that fans want to see hook up with The Icon the most.  Sting versus Taker is the biggest dream match of all time, and the question is how can WWE house both men in the same locker room on the same night at WrestleMania 31 yet not put them in the ring together?

It's akin to Ric Flair and Hulk Hogan calling each other out back in 1991 but never laying a hand on each other.  Why didn't WWE move forward with that match at WrestleMania?

The easy answer is WWE belongs to Vince McMahon and at the end of the day, it's his call.  This match is not about giving the fans what they want to see, it's about giving them what he wants to see.  And that is something everyone should be accustomed to by now.

Despite which side fans choose, the truth is Sting versus Triple H is happening regardless.  WWE will make it work with promos, face-to-face confrontations and dramatic moments on Raw.  Building hype is what that company does best, and this match will be no different.

WWE will make fans want to see this one, and the match should be a highlight of WrestleMania 31. Convincing fans this match is best for business is another issue altogether.

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