49ers' Need New Color Scheme

Glenn Franco Simmons@fotodifrancoAnalyst IAugust 16, 2009

SAN FRANCISCO - OCTOBER 05:  Former San Francisco 49ers quarterback Steve Young has his number retired during a ceremony at halftime of the New England Patriots and the San Francisco 49ers NFL game on October 5, 2008 at Candlestick Park in San Francisco, California.  (Photo by Jed Jacobsohn/Getty Images)

It was a great preseason game to start off Coach Mike Singletary's career as a true first-year coach.

Even though we lack a pass rush, and even though our quarterbacks are really pedestrian (though they try hard), I focused on some other relevant subjects at last night's home game.

I noticed that pseudo-Raiders colors have invaded 49ers territory.

Now, maybe they are not silver and black, but they are darn close.

Try white and black.

First I must apologize to the 49ers management for my slight transgression at Candlestick.

When I saw that young fella in black, and what I thought was silver (my eyesight is no longer what it used to be), although it turned out to be white, I catapulted him over the railing.

I've always been the compulsive sort, kind of like fanatical animal-rights nutcases.

Anyway, the young man was OK.

It helped that he fell on that air pillow Jed York so graciously put there for me, knowing that the menace that is me would be in the stands last night.

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I immediately realized my mistake when I saw him waving at me as he was losing altitude.

I thought I could make out a 49ers logo on his silver, err white and black jacket.

My suggestion so that such mistaken identities do not occur again is for the 49ers to at least put these ushers in 49ers throwback red and gold.

While they are at it, could they change the tribute to Bill Walsh that is in black and white to red?

You can leave the numbers in black, but there is something offensive about black and white in San Francisco land.

Lastly, York showed he really understands the 49ers and its fan base.

He showed us in the simplest of ways: the throwback uniforms.

It was truly wonderful to see them in the old colors, and I hope the 49ers discard the awful cardinal.

Oh, one other thing.

That Oakland Raider fan who held up his flag last night?

Well, Niner fans, unless you turn out next week, we're gonna be outnumbered.

That would really be pathetic, so buy some tickets.

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