Russell Wilson Cries, Michael Bennett Rides Police Bike After Seahawks Win

Kyle Newport@@KyleNewportFeatured ColumnistJanuary 19, 2015

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The Seattle Seahawks advanced to their second straight Super Bowl with an unprecedented come-from-behind victory over the Green Bay Packers in the 2015 NFC Championship Game.

After the game, Seahawks players exhibited a variety of emotions.

Seattle quarterback Russell Wilson—who threw the game-winning touchdown pass in overtime—broke down crying during an emotional postgame interview.

Meanwhile, Seahawks defensive end Michael Bennett took a victory lap on a police bike.

Update from Monday, Jan. 19

Bennett explained why he took a joy ride on the police bike, per The Seattle Times' Larry Stone:

Larry Stone @StoneLarry

Michael Bennett was riding a policeman’s bicycle on field after the game. How did that happen? “I don’t know. Like Hangover 2,” he said.

Bennett talked about the experience some more, per the team's official website:

I took it from the cop and just rode it around the stadium. I bike all the time. I'm a real biker. I've got three bikes at my house, so I was just having fun.

Best bike ride I've ever had.

The Seattle Police Department just wants Bennett to return the bike at some point:

Larry Stone @StoneLarry

Prodded about the bike, Bennett said, “I took it. When you win a Super Bowl, you can do anything in this city.”

If the Seahawks win the Super Bowl, maybe they will let him ride the bike in the victory parade. Or maybe they will just give him the bike.

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Seattle Police Dept. @SeattlePD

Just bring the bike back before #SuperbOwlXLIX @mosesbread72 :-) http://t.co/Pu0IwOXm85