NBA 2K15 Team Grants Special Wish for Fan Battling Debilitating Disease

Brian Mazique@@UniqueMaziqueCorrespondent IIIJanuary 17, 2015

Image from 2K Sports

The folks at 2K Sports haven't just made one of the best sports games of all time in NBA 2K15. The team has also been in the business of making the dreams of fans afflicted with life-altering diseases come true.

First, the team put former Baylor Bears star Isaiah Austin in the game after he was diagnosed with a heart ailment that forced him to retire only days before the 2014 NBA draft. The latest act of kindness was toward high school student Matt Simon, an NBA 2K15 fan battling a debilitating disease.

As part of the Dream Factory program, 2K Sports put Simon into the game's free-agent pool equipped with his own motion-captured jump shot and face scan. The same was done for Austin when he was brought into this year's game.

The company also arranged for Simon to have a date for the prom, and to hang out with the Golden State Warriors cheerleaders, per social media manager Ronnie Singh:

If you're using the official updated rosters for the game, you can find Simon and add him to any team in the game. Here's a few shots of him doing work with the Miami Heat:

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As you can see, Simon is rated a 66 overall. He just might want to go in and bump those numbers up into the 90s.

In all seriousness, it's great for 2K Sports to reach out to its huge community of fans and to put a smile on the face of someone battling an affliction. It is hard to quantify how much something like this could mean to a person in the midst of a serious struggle.

We wish Simon the best and hope he enjoyed what 2K Sports brought to life for him.

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