Throwback Thursday: 18th Anniversary of Dennis Rodman Kicking Cameraman

Kyle Newport@@KyleNewportFeatured ColumnistJanuary 15, 2015

Associated Press

On Jan. 15, 1997, Chicago Bulls forward Dennis Rodman got himself into some trouble by kicking a cameraman during a game in Minnesota.

After going for a rebound, Rodman ended up on the ground on the baseline. When a nearby cameraman turned his camera to Rodman, the player delivered a hard kick to the cameraman's groin.

The cameraman certainly got the worst of the incident, but Rodman paid the price for the kick.

He was suspended for 11 games and fined $25,000 (plus loss of salary—estimated at more than $1 million) for his actions. Rodman also had to pay the cameraman $200,000.



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