Mr. Crabtree; You Have No Leverage

Alex MagrinoContributor IAugust 7, 2009

LUBBOCK, TX - NOVEMBER 01:  Michael Crabtree #5 of the Texas Tech Red Raiders carries the ball into the end zone to score the winning touchdown during the game against the Texas Longhorns on November 1, 2008 at Jones Stadium in Lubbock, Texas.  (Photo by Jamie Squire/Getty Images)

Micheal Crabtree, you have stated that you are willing to sit out a season and not play football if you don't get the contract you think you deserve. I think that's a great idea! You might go in the second or third round and you could end up being as talented as players such as Maurice Clarrett and Mike Williams.

What you need to understand is that you can't really improve your draft stock much more than this. Other players have pulled this stunt, but it doesn't work in football. It works in baseball and basketball, but not football. Just so you know, Matt Millen isn't running the Lions any more so you're not going to get selected in the first round.

On top of that you need to realize that with the emergence of Josh Morgan last season, the 49ers have no true necessity for you. In addition the 49ers are going to be a run-first team. Having a top-tier wideout is never important on a run-first team.

You were a value pick, sure you should've been a top five pick. But you weren't, nine teams passed on you, including the Oakland Raiders. You should be thankful that you weren't sent to the "black hole".

So what if we all know that you are better than the man taken at No. 7? It doesn't matter you were taken at 10 by an intelligent franchise that won't pay you much more than No. 10 money.

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What you need to do is sign a short contract, go to camp and show them why they picked you. If you have a great season and Isaac Bruce retires, you can hold out next season.

That way you would have leverage. But for right now what you need to realize is this: Mr. Crabtree you have absolutely no leverage.