Darnell Dockett Is Ordering Pizza and Live-Tweeting During Jury Duty Appearance

Dan Carson@@DrCarson73Trending Lead WriterDecember 2, 2014

USA Today

Darnell Dockett, alligator owner and gun enthusiast, is honoring his civic obligation today and “participating” in the judicial thrill ride that is jury duty. 

And by “participating,” I mean actively trying to get himself removed from the proceedings.

Docket began sending messages over Twitter on Tuesday morning about being summoned for jury duty. Like so many other jurors, he does not want to be there. Unlike many jurors, he appears to be going to extreme lengths to get kicked out of the courthouse.

So far, the defensive end has made it known that this case is serious, that he’s uncomfortable judging people and that he thinks everyone is on to his tweeting.



Dockett also dispensed some free legal counsel from the courthouse bathroom. In case you’re ever caught in a jam, dial up Dockett.

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He also apparently wasn't impressed by the bailiff.



We don’t know whether the court is in session or whether the case is in the pretrial stages. Regardless, someone, somewhere, is going to send Dockett’s tweets to the attorneys working the trial, and one—if not both—will ask for him to be stricken from the panel. 

Dockett is now wandering through other trials, worrying about his double-parked car and ordering pizza, because at this point, nothing else has worked.

We’ll keep an eye on this weird scenario, which may or may not end with Dockett being escorted off the premises.

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