ENOUGH! Michael Vick Is Not This Interesting

jeremy uphoffCorrespondent IJuly 29, 2009

6 Jan 2002: Michael Vick #7 of the Atlanta Falcons calls out the play against the St. Louis Rams at the Dome at America's Center in St. Louis, Missouri. The St. Louis Rams beat the Atlanta Falcons 31-13.  DIGITAL IMAGE. Mandatory Credit: Elsa /Getty Images

Enough is enough! Can all of us, myself and the rest of the media, stop talking about Michael Vick?

Now, I understand that media saturation nowadays is flat-out ridiculous, but really seriously. I'm so tired of turning on the TV and hearing all about Vick's options and what he should do or if teams should sign him, etc.

Let's take a serious and logical look at this. The guy got busted for running a dog fighting ring. I will say that again: A DOG FIGHTING RING!

Its not like he was out committing domestic abuse (Michael Pittman), murder (O.J.), getting DUI's (almost every player for the Bengals), vehicular manslaughter (Daunte Stallworth), and so on and so forth.

He has served his two-year prison sentence, meaning he has paid his debt to society. The NFL is currently putting restrictions on when he can play (not to say that I condone what he did). 

I understand I will probably get blasted for this article.  Really in all honesty, what he did is nothing more then child's play compared to the other offenses committed by his peers in the NFL. So why the backlash?

I'm so tired of hearing about what Vick needs to do or what his options are. The guy has been out of the NFL for two years! I wouldn't expect him to come back and be great. I wouldn't even expect him to be mediocre.

Take it for what its worth, but really do we need all this media coverage on a story that has not had a single new development since the terms of his reinstatement were released?

I will end by saying this: I would be happy not hearing another word about Mr. Vick until he steps foot on a field and starts playing again.

That is the only time I will start caring about what Michael Vick does, because honestly, nothing he does really truly affects your life or mine.

So again I ask, why the fascination?


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