The Kimi-Spa Ultimate Fantasy

Soren ThygesenCorrespondent IJuly 28, 2009

So, Kimi had a great race in Hungary 2009. 2nd position with a car that's not really podium material at most tracks. It got me thinking. Spa is his favorite circuit. And Kimis natural skill combined with a love for possibly the last of the great circuits in F1 might just even things out with the frontrunners.

Here is how I see the race in Spa playing out:

Imagine Kimi qualifying like say 17th. Random grid position. Let's say the car is actually not any better than that, because Ferrari stopped developing and is now concentrating on the 2010 car.

But at the race start, the Kimi-gear suddenly kicks in and he starts a glorious onslaught, blowing past people left and right on the track. Kimi is told to slow down by a scared Ferrari team on the radio. They think they are reading the data wrong. "But.. but, you can't go through Eau Rouge in 7th gear full throttle in the wet - and with KERS fully applied...!??"

Kimi doesn't react to the team radio. They think they hear him laughing but can't be sure as it also sounds like machine code. He only goes faster. A high framerate camera catches an image by chance. It shows Ice forming around the edges of Kimis F60. Some drivers pull off to the side of the road, chanting: "That's not possible. It's just not possible!"

He proceeds to lap the entire field twice. Drivers now resign by going into the pits to park their cars, just so they can stand and watch and marvel at Kimis drive.

Kimi is on his own now on the track, driving like a man possessed. Track marshalls have tied themselves down in fear of being sucked into the vortex created by Kimis speed.

Hamilton looks at the red blur going by and mumbles to himself "Kimi makes me want to be a better person". Some drivers are seen openly crying and saying they are scared. Webber utters - "Why do we even bother? He is not in the GPDA because he clearly isn't human!"

Time itself starts to slow down. Nicole have stopped jumping. All electronic equipment at the Spa circuit breaks down and there is fear of a rift in the time-space continuum. Animals are summoned by the vibrations of the earth created by Kimis awesomeness. They start to gather at the track alongside the spectators to witness this wonder of nature and raw force.

The vibrations travel and resonate around the globe and the lost city of Atlantis is raised from the ocean floor. Stars and planets now start to drift apart in distant galaxies and the universe is audibly coming apart at the seams..
Luckily Kimi then crosses the line after the final lap and slows down. There are no cheers. No airhorns. Kimi lifts his hands in victory - but the circuit is enveloped in silence. People are just gazing at him in stunned awe. All TV screens are showing white noise.
He does his Spa victory donut and pulls into parc fermé. One reporter dares to run up to him while the rest is just covering from afar. "Kimi! What.. I mean.. How.."
Kimi: "For sure the car felt good today. I was really focused on the race. I think so I could have gone a little faster but there was no need to risk it. Lets wait and see what happens at the next race."

The Scuderia measured the temperature of his car after the race. It was at absolute zero. Minus 273 degrees C. It had to be sealed off. It only started to heat up after Kimi had left the circuit. Tests are now being performed on the car by the US government.

Yes. I think I would like his race to go something like that.