The Weather Channel Calls out Bill Belichick for Attack on Meteorologists

Dan Carson@@DrCarson73Trending Lead WriterNovember 4, 2014


Bill Belichick stirred the wrong pot Friday when he decided to take a shot at local meteorologists.

Grousing over the unreliability of weather forecasts in the New England area, the Patriots head coach said he’d have his job for a week if he delivered as consistently as the men and women in charge of predicting the conditions at Gillette Stadium on Sundays.

Of course, weather people of the world didn’t take the dismissal lying down, and the latest reply to Belichick’s flippant remarks comes courtesy of The Weather Channel’s Mike Bettes.

Bettes went on the air Monday to clear up the scurrilous misnomer that meteorologists put out an unreliable product.

For The Win’s Nina Mandell spotted video of the segment. In so many kind words, Bettes told Colonel Cutoffs to check his facts before popping off at the mouth.

The meteorologist reeled off a series of accuracy checks for the channel’s two-day forecast leading up to Sunday. He pointed out that his team all but nailed its estimates for each game, averaging only a 1.4-degree margin of error on its predictions.

This is why you never mess with nerds. Nerds are intelligent. They will always win. And as a nerd himself, Belichick should know this.

In any case, it would appear nothing short of tectonic plate movement at Gillette Stadium could slow down the Patriots. New England handily defeated the Denver Broncos 43-21 Sunday, improving to 7-2 on the season.

Nonetheless, inciting the seers of the weather vane can’t work in your favor. Hell hath no fury like a weatherman dismissed.

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