Paralympian Josh Sundquist Transforms Himself into Foosball Player for Halloween

Dan Carson@@DrCarson73Trending Lead WriterOctober 28, 2014


Josh Sundquist is the king of Halloween.

For the last several years, the Paralympic skier has rolled out a series of all-time great costumes. Sundquist has gone as a flamingo, a nibbled gingerbread man and the leg lamp from A Christmas Story, among other brilliant getups.

The Paralympian may have crafted his magnum opus this Halloween by transforming himself into a life-size foosball player.

Sundquist tweeted a video Tuesday showing how he went about turning himself into a spinning recreational toy with the help of a ballet bar and some laminate. Recently chosen as one of 14 amputees to participate in the Amputee Football (Soccer) World Cup, Sundquist threw in a U.S. men's national soccer team jersey for good measure.

Having lost his left leg to Ewing's sarcoma as a child, Sundquist believes the one-legged foosball player costume made perfect sense.

"Traditionally, foosball players have only had one leg," Sundquist says.

Where does this rank among all-time great Sundquist costumes?

It's difficult to beat the flamingo, which wins the top spot outright because you have no idea what's going on when you first see it. The leg lamp is also a classic and functional piece of nostalgia.

The foosball costume isn't very portable—but that’s not necessarily a drawback. Most of the best Halloween costumes are ridiculously unwieldy. Being unable to wedge yourself through doors because you're wearing some kind of giant, sweat-soaked costume is a reward in and of itself.

In any case, continue raising the bar, Sundquist. Make sure it's high enough so you can flip around real fast.

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