Why You Should Still Be a Fan of Brett Favre

Kevin Roberts@BreakingKevinSenior Writer IJuly 18, 2009

22 Oct 1995:  Quarterback Brett Favre of the Green Bay Packers throws a pass during the Packers 38-21 win over the Minnesota Vikings at Lambeau Field in Green Bay, Wisconsin.  Mandatory Credit:  Todd Rosenberg/Allsport

(Above: Regardless of opinions, he'll always be a Packer.)

I just watched a Brett Favre montage">Brett Favre montage this morning, and something dawned on me.

The media and NFL fans are hating on Favre way too much.

But then I realized something else. It's not necessarily what we think about him now that matters.

What is important, is that we don't forget everything he's done.

Yes, he's playing with our emotions, stepping on the fine line that is betrayal, and testing our patience.

But to a certain degree, he should be able to.

For a man that gave every part of his body to the game, he deserves a little more love and respect than a one-year turn around of "I hate Favre" discussion.

Not feeling the love?

Think back a bit, before the retirement drama, the New York Jets, or even the Aaron Rodgers selection.

To be a fan of Favre and the Green Bay Packers was bliss.

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Here's some stats (as a Packer) to swallow down before you write No. 4 off for good:

  • Three NFL MVP Awards
  • 9 Pro Bowls
  • Two Super Bowls (One Win)
  • Three NFC Championship Games
  • The Consecutive Started Games Streak
  • 22 Playoff Appearances (12-10 record)
  • Broke Dan Marino's major records in Green Bay
  • 160 Regular Season Wins as a Packer
  • 7 Division Titles
  • 11 Playoff Appearances
  • 15 Winning Seasons (above .500) in Green Bay

Those numbers are impressive enough to humble any scorned fan.

Now, written words and numbers may not completely melt your heart and turn you back into a fan of Favre again, but some video clips of some of his finer moments might.

Don't think of the Jets or the possibilities with the Vikings when you think of Favre.

Think of the records he broke, the games he won, and the interceptions that had you pulling out your hair.

Because if you could put yourself back in that time and do it all over again, you know you wouldn't want it any other way.

Remember when Dan Marino's career touchdown record against the Vikings?

This was the moment in that 2007 season that you knew it was going to be special. After Favre broke Marino's record, it was smooth sailing, as he ended the season with over 4,000 yards and 28 touchdowns, as Green Bay earned a playoff bye with a 13-3 record.

Stop filling your heart and mind with hate, and realize two things: Brett Favre is human, and he was a Green Bay Packer for 16 seasons.

Don't those 16 years out-weigh the last two?

I think so. But I'll let this do the rest of my convincing.

True, this "Ode to Favre" was before his two retirements, but if you're a true Packer, Brett Favre, and football fan, it just shouldn't matter.