The Media Drought, The Oakland Raiders, and Three Football Players

Raider Card Addict@RaidercardadictSenior Writer IJuly 16, 2009

ALAMEDA, CA - MAY 08:  Stryker Sulak #96 of the Oakland Raiders runs drills during the Raiders minicamp at the team's permanent training facility on May 8, 2009 in Alameda, California.  (Photo by Ezra Shaw/Getty Images)

Like everyone else that follows the NFL...This is the dead zone.

Nothing major happens, the media turns to reruns, shoddy attempts at Top 10 lists and rehashing what T.O. did at dinner last night.


Let's face it media, when nothing is going on, there really is nothing going on.

It could be solved in five minutes, trot out Warren Sapp, have him eat a box of donuts and say "Sorry folks, there was nothing important in football today...But here's some highlights from Dancing with the Stars!"


At times like this, maybe we need the NFL Europe. It might not be the Raiders vs. the Broncos, but it's better than watching a lacrosse game between two college teams.

Maybe it's a plot by Goodell to extend the season so we have to fill in July with training camp.

This would be an act of sheer genius and a lot more effective than having two years of meetings and having it still not work in the end.

On the Raiders front, some news was made, from different sources. Keith Davis, who was brought on board as a safety was released.

Some wonder about this deal as our safety position is shaky at best with Hiram Eugene, Tyvon Branch, Michael Huff, Michael Mitchell, and Jerome Boyd.

This is not exactly a solid choice of action, but I think Davis played his cards when he voiced his opinion on Jamarcus Russell and Jeff Garcia's QB leadership.

The second news item was regarding Stryker Sulak, our sixth-ound pick, who was dumped on the waiver wire.

From different points of view, this was done for a number of reasons.

One, was a glut of players in one position. They tried to move him to another location and it didn't pan out. He went to negotiate a contract and burst out laughing at Al Davis and his offer, or he just wasn't the quality player Tom Cable had in mind.

Whichever action happened, Sulak was a sixth-round pick that may garner a grab by other clubs. But it does ask the question, what exactly happens on those closed-practice OTA days the media is not allowed to see?

Lastly was the departure of Frantz Joseph, who was an undrafted free agent brought into camp. As mentioned by Jerry McDonald, Joseph seemed to lack the speed the Raiders are looking for from a linebacker. 

As some people were surprised by this move, it might not be a permanent vacation. If someone goes down in the season, they could always have him on speed dial just in case.

Less than two weeks until the player can put on the pads and hit for real. Anyone else out there have the same feeling that it's just too long to wait? 


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